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Atari I/O Retro Junk Box V: The Retro Strikes Back!

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stuff I put in :P




TMNT-guy , Lamarama disc , mini atari joystick/game piece, little desk lamp like Pixars, collapsible alarm clock, NES Action Max controller, Atari Starmaster cib, G.I. Joe cartoon DVD's , Atari 7800 Ms. Pac Man ( swapped for cart varient actually ) , Nintendo DS End War cib, Mattel virtual LED- PnP



I thought someone would be able to repair that Lost Luggage! ;)


I will guess Burgertime for the mystery game. 

I too was too lazy to test it. If it is Super Spike Volleyball, I will kick myself later.  :D

oh yeah , that INTV cart was in fact "Burger time" ... great job @ guessing blank carts :thumb: ... again Willie originally stuffed it in thar ;)


RJB-V was a lot of fun.


Thanks Willie & everybody 

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Here's everything I put in and left behind in the box:


Things my son put in for what he took out:

A Minion Figure

2 Hot Wheels


Things I put in:

NFL Blitz – PS1

Boxed Sonic  1 – Genesis

2600 Manuals (Defender, Donkey Kong, Missile Command, RS Football, Pac-Man)


Monk Season 1

Summer Games 2600 CIB

Captain America Comic

Loose 2600 Games:

Grand Prix*



Lost Luggage (broke cart)

Stargate (chipped cart)

*with limited edition label

The No Swear Gamer on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UChtJuo040EOCTVziObIgVcg

Host of The Atari 7800 Game by Game Podcast on iTunes, Stitcher and YouTube

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My junk:




Amidar CIB, Sky Jinks, Black Jack (Sears pic label), Lady Bug (CV), Frogger (INTV), random geeky bumper stickers, Sonic Sea Battle (Radio Shack) handheld CIB, Goat Simulator (PC), The Incredibles (Gamecube), Pac-Man Rip n' Write, Ms. Pac-Man sticker sheets, backflipping Goomba (old McDonald's toy, I think?), Winning at Nintendo game guide, PGA Tour Golf (Maxell Edition 5.25" floppy), 688 Attack Sub (Special Maxell Mission 5.25" floppy), Yars' Revenge manual, Home Run manual, NBA2K13 (XBOX360), metallic Fuji/2600 car emblem/badge, Hot Wheels "Sharkruiser", Ladies of Star Wars playing cards, and a Talkin' Raphael TMNT action figure from 1991 -- essentially complete (just missing the cardboard backing) with bonus talk strips!


I had a few cubic cm of room left, so I added at the last second:


Blue Lightning (flat style), and a small assortment of Paleocene era fossil shark teeth I collected from the Potomac River (~56 - 59 million years old -- as retro as it gets!)

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C64 billiards 3 in one cib with the receipt from I think Electronics Boutique 

Frogger for the pc, not the arcade version, super fun new take on frogger.

Alpiner for the Ti99

Space Jockey and frogs and flies for the 2600

Horse racing for the intellivision

Evelyn puffy sticker

Some jaws 3 trading cards

and last but not least a poodle that goes limp.

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