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Sears heavy sixer - troubleshooting left joystick port


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Last weekend I picked up a Sears heavy sixer at a used movie/game shop, and today I finally had the chance to clean it up (it was FILTHY) and test it.  It powers up, displays a great picture, sound is good, all the important switches function normally.  The left controller port seems to be totally dead, though.  I've tried known-working joysticks, paddles, and a keyboard controller in there, and nothing works -- no movement, no fire button action.  The right controller port works fine, which leads me to believe that all of the ICs are good and the problem is the port itself.  I can't see any obviously bent or broken pins.


Suggestions, anyone?  I may put this otherwise beautiful thing up for trade/sale if I can't come up with a reasonably fast and easy fix, but at this point I really would like to keep it.  The field service guide assumes I have all sorts of fun diagnostic tools -- I have a screwdriver and a multimeter.  :D

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There is an old thread over at AA that suggests the 4050 chip might be the culprit.




Thanks -- this will probably be the next thing I look at with respect to a fix for the constant-fire.




I don't have soldering equipment (or know-how) but a local friend does.  Hopefully he can give me a hand.

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Things get really tricky if you have to replace a soldered in chip.  Best of luck!

I still have to replace the 4050 hex buffer chip in a unit I have & feel confident with my skills & equipment now \o/


if you know the chip is toast & have a new one , snip all the pins & desolder one pin at a time(basically)


also put a socket there so you don't have to de-solderer again


in the mean time, play Star Ship, it uses right port to play single player  ;)

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The +5v isn't used for the joysticks, so if it's completely dead, the first thing to check would be the ground pin.  It's always worth reflowing the solder on those controller ports, especially after nearly 40 years of use :)  Next would be the 4050 chip as someone else mentioned.  Last would be the RIOT chip.

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