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Sweet Colecovision Lot I picked up. And a question...

Kid A

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Nice lot you grabbed.  The instructions could have something to do with the crash that was going on about that time.  I've seen a few weird things with my 5200 collection as well.  I'm not sure about the instructions, though....that's just my theory.


The single-sheet instructions are definitely a product of companies like Atari and Activision getting cheap with their product quality starting in 1983-1984.  I have in my collection two single-sheet B&W Atari manuals: Combat (2600) and Super Breakout (5200).  I can't put my fingers on the Combat sheet, and I'm hoping it's not lost.  But here's the 5200 SB.


Here's a link to check out what the Combat single-sheet looks like.  These single-sheet manuals exist for the following 2600 titles: Adventure, Combat, Dodge 'Em, Indy 500, Maze Craze, Video Pinball.  Probably more than just those, but I've seen those six so far.


Activision was doing similar things; for example they went from a full-color Enduro manual, to a B&W version, to a plain-Jane text-on-a-folded-sheet version like this:




Awesome pickups, KidA!

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