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Sweet Colecovision Lot I picked up. And a question...

Kid A

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So last night i attended a monthly Buy Sell Trade event that my buddy holds and he decided to hold an auction that anybody can sell their stuff in with no fees or charges. Someone put a nice Colecovision lot to sell.


Midway through its time for the colecovision. My buddy describes the lot then yells out "Starting bid is $30!"


Naturally, i yell out "$30 here!"


"Going once.....going twice.......SOLD FOR $30"


No opposition bidders. I was stoked. Heres what i got...




Keystone Kapers was well worth the price alone. Cables came with the console (rhis is coleco #2 for me so this one will be for sale) and All boxes have games and manuals. 2 Loose games were also included which i forgot to put in the picture were super action baseball and Donkey Kong.


But i have a question. If i remember correctly, the manual for Keystone kapers looked like a newspaper. Heres what was in mine.




Have any of you seen a manual that went with a game like this? The paper alone seems to be aged appropriately with the age of the game. And if someone were to type up instructions for their own reference, its strikes me as odd that one would put info included in the last 2 paragraphs of the page. Ive never seen instructions like this.

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Nice lot you grabbed.  The instructions could have something to do with the crash that was going on about that time.  I've seen a few weird things with my 5200 collection as well.  I'm not sure about the instructions, though....that's just my theory.


The single-sheet instructions are definitely a product of companies like Atari and Activision getting cheap with their product quality starting in 1983-1984.  I have in my collection two single-sheet B&W Atari manuals: Combat (2600) and Super Breakout (5200).  I can't put my fingers on the Combat sheet, and I'm hoping it's not lost.  But here's the 5200 SB.


Here's a link to check out what the Combat single-sheet looks like.  These single-sheet manuals exist for the following 2600 titles: Adventure, Combat, Dodge 'Em, Indy 500, Maze Craze, Video Pinball.  Probably more than just those, but I've seen those six so far.


Activision was doing similar things; for example they went from a full-color Enduro manual, to a B&W version, to a plain-Jane text-on-a-folded-sheet version like this:




Awesome pickups, KidA!

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