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Need Help Identifying Atari 2600 Joysticks

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So I bought these joysticks, which were labeled Atari 7800 joysticks, but are not (both buttons do the same thing). 

They have proline look with a diamond texture on top that is almost painful to touch. On the bottom it just says, Made in Taiwan. The knob is pretty big and heavy, while the base is pretty light.

Any idea who made these or what they are called?






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Those are sticks that came with the Funvision Home Computer (2600 clone from Spain).  


Was Funvision definitely from Spain?  I've heard Japan, Finland, and Australia as possible locations.  The FHC was created by VTech, who are based in Hong Kong.


The box for this 2600 clone is definitely from Japan, and the logo is the same found on the Funvision VCS games:




Btw, the controllers were with this Funvision 2600JR clone called the Hi-Score MK3:



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I've seen Spain suggested on more than one occasion but I don't know for sure.  It seems like the majority of hits today for these particular Funvision JR clones are from .es sites, anyway. 


Looks like the same JR clone (with the same joysticks) was also distributed by Kingsway in New Zealand / Australia.  My best guess is that these were all being manufactured in the same place -- almost certainly Taiwan -- for global distribution.  The instruction sheet that comes with the Funvision lists games with the same misspellings as those found on the Taiwanese pirate game carts (Reever Raad, Cracker Pet, Emdurl, Spaidder Fight, etc).


Edit: looks like the Italian clone had the same sticks as well...

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