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Any Sony PSP collectors?

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Here's my small collection so far.  It's mostly movies, which I'm enjoying immensely for some odd reason.  It all started when we lost power for several hours during a wind storm last week.


I have a few games, but I'm waiting for a memory card to arrive from China before I really get into those, but they look/sound great to me.


Seems like a really good system to collect for right now.  Systems and games are both plentiful and pretty inexpensive. 




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I have one that's been collecting dust since my move (I use the 3DS the most)


But I do like it and have a fair size collection of both games and movies. And just like Rick, I oddly enjoy watching movies on it. I even watched the first seasons of Sanford and Son and Good Times on it. And there are some great retro compilations for it. The only complaints I have is that I've had several UMD cases split open and the battery life stinks as I've already had to replace a couple. Of course, it may be partly due to the fact that I've had to relay on generics, since Sony no longer makes batteries for it.


Also, I now consider the PSP retro ;)  

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