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Just scored this on eBay; good deal?




Edit: Apparently they put another one up (see new link); I paid 5.40 for one earlier with free shipping as well. I didn't really care about the condition of the box.

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Qix seemed rather low-profile when it first appeared at my favorite big city mall arcade.

Its look and sounds made more of an impression than the gameplay itself...at first.


Loved the game, but it was one of many at that arcade, and coins were few. I stopped by that place with my dad maybe once a month, or less, as I traveled to this home city of mine whenever he had business there.

After maybe the second time playing it, the game strategy became enticing, as it was unique in a sea of fun copycat driving, asteroiding, earthbound-shooting, galactic-shooting, maze-wandering titles all around.


To this day, it stands alone as a conquering territory in a sparse electrosonic sparky kind-of-way.


I'd love to try out the 5200 version someday.

If it's even half as good as the original, you can't go wrong!

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