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Squad Challenge - Kangaroo (Atari 2600)


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How did you record the video BallBlazer?


Right now I'm recording Stella with OBS Studio 19.0.2, a free utility that can stream to broadcast services (Twitch, YouTube, etc) but also just record simple game/window video.  It's pretty simple to set up, just have to remember to select a framerate higher than 30fps for recording Atari stuff or you can end up with disappearing graphics due to game flicker.  I don't remember if it was when I was recording Pole Position or Enduro or both, but because I didn't raise the fps it looks like the car is stationary on a moving road (since there's no visible tire spin effect.  Kangaroo looks fine at 60fps.

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:pole_position_blimp_big:  Congratulations greenween!



SUCH A GREAT SHOWING ON THIS GAME, GUYS!!! I loved seeing so many of you participate and get into this Squad Challenge! Congrats on your win greenween! greenween won with a score of 56,000 points! Ballblaɀer placed 2nd with a score of 51,300! We had a lot of Atari I/O Members join in for this Squad Challenge and all of you showed a great game. Really, it was great having everyone involved on this, I hope this has been fun for everybody and was as much fun for you as it was for me. I'd like to encourage greenween to post his winning Kangaroo high score on the Scoreboard! Way to go everyone!


:commodore_joystick: We invite all future Squad Challenge winners to share their winning scores on the Scoreboard and keep the game going! :commodore_joystick:  







 1       greenween                56,000


2       Ballblaɀer                  51,300


3       RickR                         39,600


4       Justin                         32,000


5       nosweargamer          19,100


6       Starbuck66                15,200


7       btbfilms76                 11,100


8       chas10e (tie)               8,100


8       dauber (tie)                 8,100



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