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How is the weather in your neck of the Woods ?


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Let me know how the weather is where you live comment and give details. This is what I awoke too so I just made a quick video.

I live in Kelowna BC. Canada. Surprisingly no, this is not typical for us at least not in this part of Canada. Despite this expecting high of 6c / 42f tomorrow! 


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 - M. Bison

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In Minnesota, right in my neck of the woods, it is currently clear and 14ºF. It is supposed to get colder as the days trudge on. It feels like 4ºF. It could get to -3ºF in temperature. Since we do not utilize the metric system much in the US, I do not know the conversion from Fahrenheit to Celsius off-hand. We are so used to the Fahrenheit scale for temperature measurement here, as you all know. Thanks. :)

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We are sitting about 50F but it is suppose to start raining tomorrow and then switch over to freezing rain followed with 3-5" of snow.  Suppose to last til Saturday or Sunday.  We could have went swimming on Christmas Day here.  We were in the 60s.  Been warm days and cool nights here.  Very little to no precipitation.

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