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If you could have any arcade game ported to the 2600, what would it be?


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If you could have an arcade title come over to the VCS that wasn't a retail release or existing homebrew, what game would you choose? I would probably pick either Frenzy or Donkey Kong 3. Both would be better suited for the 7800 (I know they homebrewed Frenzy already), but I would love to see how a 2600 version would work if possible, especially for DK3. If I got to choose a 7800 title it would be either DK3 or Dig Dug II, which is better than Dig Dug in every way! What would you choose if you could decide an arcade port? Make sure to let everyone know! I'd love to hear your opinions!

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Someone has already made a version of Frenzy for the 2600.  It's called Frantic and it has both Berzerk and Frenzy.  Here's a video of it...

Donkey Kong 3 has also been attempted using bAtari Basic...

I'm attaching binaries for both so you can try them.

I do agree that DK 3 would be great to have on the 7800.  Another arcade game I'd love to see on the 7800 is Phoenix!  The only home version that exists is the 2600 version.  As for another arcade port for the 2600, I think Nibbler would be a cool one for the system (and the 7800).  It has a symmetrical maze so it should be doable on the 2600.  If you don't know the game, here's a video of it.


Donkey Kong 3.bin Frantic.bin

🖖 Going to the final frontier, gaming...

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My answer would stem from a place of Quality over Quantity. It would be easy to list a number of arcade games that would be great candidates for the 2600, but only if they were well done, with the 2600's strengths in mind. 

I think some of the arcade titles from Atari Games following the break-up would be a fun challenge to successfully port to the Atari 2600. Paperboy, Peter Pack Rat, and Marble Madness would be terrific candidates for ports to the 2600 that could be spectacular if done correctly. 

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