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Star Trek: Strange New Worlds

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WOW!  That was an awesome season finale.  A+

But I noticed one fascinating thing -- Ethan Peck cannot do the Spock single eyebrow pump!  He's still great though.  :)  And did they cast Jim Carey as Kirk? 

Anyway, enough of my bad jokes.  That was truly fantastic.  I loved every moment.  And I mean for the whole season...not a stinker in the bunch. 

  • I loved, loved, loved the whole idea of wrong or right captain for that moment in time. 
  • Pulling select lines from Balance of Terror is really well done.  LOVED it. 
  • The dialogue between Pike and Spock at the end added so much depth to "The Menagerie".  It always seemed weird that Spock put his career on the line for that one.  But now it makes sense.
  • Great acting by Celia Rose Gooding as Uhura.  There's a subtle difference in confidence in "future" Uhura, and that isn't easy to pull off.
  • "Fan service" is one of the complaints I've seen on-line.  Is it true?  Well, maybe.  But it's so nicely done with the music and sound effects and character development.  It's well written and I loved it.  So nyah.   
  • Una again doesn't get anything to work with here.  Hopefully, they fix that in season 2. 


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I was not able to watch the game until today and, boy, what an episode!  Damn, damn, damn good!  I cannot believe we have to wait until May 2023 for more Strange New Worlds!!!!!!   I also agree with the comments by RickR.  I get the feeling the final bullet will change given how the season was concluded. 


I will add that I also LOVED the movie-era uniform!  They did make some changes to it, but it looked awesome!


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🖖 Going to the final frontier, gaming...

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Last year, I officially considered myself a Trekkie. I’ve seen all the movies. As far as the TV series are concerned, I’ve watched all of TOS and watched TNG here and there. As for the rest, I haven’t watched any.

For whatever reason, I have been drawn to SNW. I watched the first season and loved it. I loved the style, the story lines, and Captain Pike’s hair (I tried to pull it off but couldn’t quite get it to look the way I wanted).

I finished S2E2 Ad Astra per Aspera the other day, and it left me in tears. The acting was beautiful (especially Una’s lawyer friend) and the storyline was inspirational. The episode embodied everything I love and admire about the Star Trek universe. This episode may very well be my number 1 or 2 favorite ST episode. And then, earlier today, I saw this in my FB feed (about a Star Trek group). I’m not a poster guy, but I need to get this poster.



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THANK YOU guys for the recommendation.  I haven't watched at all yet, as we are not quite done with "Andor".  It is next on our list though.  (PS - Andor is pretty "meh" IMO.  I understand what they are trying to do, and I can appreciate it.  But it's so slow and also devoid of any humor or joy (so far)). 

I'm very much looking forward to SNW. 

11 hours ago, - Ω - said:

I know negativity is frowned on here, but...

Not true in regards to an honest opinion on movies or tv shows or whatever.  For example, I think we all can agree that magic turbolift in Discovery should never be mentioned out loud again, and that season 2 of Picard was weak in comparison to 1 and 3. 


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