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Squad Challenge - Pizza Party Summer - Pinball (NES)


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:pole_position_blimp_big: Congratulations Everyone!


Congratulations to everyone who joined in our Pinball Squad Challenge!! We played an incredibly challenging game with some interesting pinball mechanics like paddles that turn invisible at 100,000 points, and everyone showed up with scores to be proud of. I took the top spot in our Final Standings with a score of 736,650. @RickR came in 2nd Place with his outstanding score of 225,400. The incredible @Marco1019 taked 3rd Place on the podium, with a score of 137,260. Legendary Squad Member @Atari 5200 Guy was on his game, posting a score of 132,550 to take 4th Place in our Final Standings. "The Mayor" @greenween was hot on Atari 5200 Guy's tail, less than 200 points behind, taking 5th with 132,260 points. @Gianna came in with a strong effort to take 6rd Place with her score of 109,870. @TrekMD rounds things out for us in 7th Place with his score of 69,100. As I always encourage others to do, I'll be posting my new high score on the Scoreboard to make sure this Challenge continues on! Did you enjoy this NES Pinball Squad Challenge? It's one of the earliest "black box" NES games, and one that has always been my favorite, especially the Bonus Mini Game with Mario. I hope everybody had a great time! That's a wrap for Pizza Party Summer! We'll return next summer with more fun events and High Score Squad Challenges to keep the party going! See you next summer!

NOTE: Our next High Score Squad is for the Atari 5200 Super System. Be there!








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