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I felt like the Neo-Geo needed some love.

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$649.99 For people who roll their cigars with cash, and wallpaper their walls with money.

I'm not getting this hate directed at Neo Geo. It seems like you're turning this into a class warfare thing where you don't like something because it costs more than you'd want to pay for it. You've won a Neo Geo's worth of prizes here in the forums and you're criticizing Neo Geo owners as people who roll their cigars with cash. Not very nice.


It wasn't rich kids sitting around with Neo Geo for the most part it was arcade geeks who wanted real arcade hardware, not an approximation of it. It was expensive because it was consolized arcade hardware originally meant for industries like hotel rooms and Japanese arcades. It's a niche system in a small production run, of course it's more than an NES.


When the 2600 first came out before Space Invaders it was mostly rich people who bought one. I paid $250 for my Neo Geo and it's given me and my friends like 15+ years of great memories. I paid probably $600 for my PS3 and Xbox and they've both died on me.


I left the Neo Geo forum because they assumed Atari was just really old graphics and stuff and didn't understand why anybody would want to play that. It's just a different kind of gaming is all. I don't want to see the same kind of hate and jealousy lobbed the other way, certainly not in a friendly forum like this one. I like it here because I can share my love of Neo Geo with the same people I share my love of Missile Command. It's okay to not like Neo Geo, but if you're going to hate it hate on it for legit reasons.

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I'm not hating on the system. It was, and probably still is, the best cartridge based system ever manufactured.


I meant it mostly in regards to the fact that it was only available to those who could afford it then, and it is still far out of the realm of possibility for most gamers such as myself.

It's not that I "wouldn't" spend that kind of money for it, it's more I'll never have that kind of money to spend in the first place, which is unfortunate, because that would be a crowning piece of any collection.

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