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Atari 5200 vs ColecoVision


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Easy for me, while I own both today it's not even close, ultimately besides a few specific titles the 5200 is mostly just re-hashes of Atari classics which is cool but been there, done that over and over. Also, I had virtually no history or experience with the 5200 back in the day so I've no attachment or nostalgia for it. Colecovision is my hands down favourite of its time, besides several titles that you just didn't see on other platforms outside of the arcade I did have it back in the day along with several of the best titles so if I had to own one and the entire library it will always be Colecovision I have the most love and nostalgia for. 



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Interesting. I don't have much experience with the Colecovision. As a kid, I thought the Donkey Kong port looked great, but from a technical standpoint the Z80 is a detriment IMO right from the jump. The TMS9928A graphics chip is pretty nice though, 16K of video RAM is good.

The 5200 is more flexible, faster CPU, programmable graphics, with GTIA/ANTIC, but you have to be a more clever programmer to get the best out of it, like 5200 Mario Bros. using character sprites along with the Player Missile Graphics. Not an easy thing to do for a lot of coders, especially with a tight deadline.

Colecovision has an easier hardware setup for just doing games quick, just throw characters and sprites around for the most part. Games that need to scroll though would be hugely annoying though on the Colecovision. No hardware scroll. The 5200 would be the easier machine there. Same problem as the MSX PCs which use the same graphics chip as Colecovision. 


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I have one of each as well. I have to admit that ColecoVision has an amazing array of ports and for the most part, their all pretty well done. Both systems have trak-ball controllers, but I prefer the larger 5200 TB over the CV Roller Controller. Both work really well.

Nice video. Thanks for sharing TrekMD.

<Edit>. 5200 Defender is great and it plays extremely well with the stock CX52 controller.


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