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Jaguar Box Art

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When it comes to Atari game box art (and box art, generally) the era of the VCS/2600 was the Golden Age. Never since has box art quite captured the imagination of gamers. This is mainly because IT HAD TO. 2600 box art created a mental image of a world that could not be recreated by the rudimentary graphics of the system. It placed you IN the world represented on screen. There is already an excellent thread on this topic: http://forums.atari.io/index.php/topic/905-book-the-art-of-atari-from-pixels-to-paintbrush/


As time progressed and graphics improved, the role of box art became a bit less important. I think that this shows in the packaging for later console and PC games across the board. That said, every console has its box art heroes and the Jaguar is no exception. Box art for games like Missile Command 3D, Raiden, I-War, Hoverstrike: Unconquered Lands, and Defender 2000 communicate everything you need to know about the game world and draw you in. To me, these are almost like classic album covers.


So, what is some of your favorite box art for the Jaguar?












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Oh man, what a FANTASTIC topic!!!!!


I gotta go with the box art to Trevor McFur in the Crescent Galaxy. It was the game I most looked forward to getting when the Jaguar came out. I haven't played it in 15 years but I don't remember being disappointed by the game at all when it was new. The graphics were just out of this world compared to anything I had ever seen before. Just unreal.


I love the sexual pose between Trevor McFur and his pussy cat feminine feline. I have so say though, "Trevor McFur" kinda seems a lot like "Star Fox" at least in the name, even though Cybermorph would have been a closer comparison.




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For me it was the Club Drive box. I thought this game would end up being similar to Sega's Virtua Racing, but with game objectives kinda like Pilotwings. It kinda was. It looked great in magazines, but gameplay ended up being kinda blah.


Sorry Jaguar, you know I love you  :atari_jaguar:








and Virtua Racing for comparison:


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