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  1. 🤖 Video Pinball Squad Challenge ENDS TONIGHT! Be there!

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      or be

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      I don’t think I’ll be able to play any more, sadly. It’s been pretty hectic here.

  2. Welcome to the Forums @AtariSphinx it's great to have you join us! How did you hear of Atari I/O? I think you'll find this is a nice community with some terrific people, I hope you enjoy your time here!
  3. Yes I need to try that. I feel like the IR joystick adds to the lag in the game. I see the strategies for getting a good score, it's making it happen and feeling like I have control of the ball that seems difficult.
  4. I think part of the problem I'm having is that I'm playing on a Flashback using the IR remote joysticks. Feels less sharp than if I were playing with the real deal.
  5. It's been a struggle for me to get past 25,000 in an typical run. I played for a while last night and reached a new person high score: My High Score: 68,843 Continuing to study the great tips everybody has contributed in this squad challenge and am using them in my game.
  6. I'm a little frustrated that I made a YouTube video about this very topic about 10 years ago that had tens of thousands of views and my YouTube account was killed for no apparent reason, no warnings no explanation. I have the video somewhere but it will take some looking.
  7. Yes there is. I bought one when I bought the AV Famicom and I've used it quite often over the past 15 years. Works great.
  8. @RickR Here's a comparison for you of the American NES top loader vs. the AV Famicom:
  9. Hi @RickR ☺️ The AV Famicom came with the NES "Dog Bone Controller". This was the Japanese version of the revised NES we got in the United States with the Dog Bone Controller. The only difference here is the Japanese version plays Famicom games, lacks the "hump" on the top of the system, and offers Composite AV Output instead of RF Output. The NES "Dog Bone Controller" does not have the microphone built into it, as it was a later revision of the system late into its life looking to trim costs, but it's still a real Famicom. If you had a microphone controller with a plug on it and a Famicom game that used the microphone feature, like Legend of Zelda with the Pol's Voice, it should work fine.
  10. Wow, that's absolutely incredible that you still have those after all this time Rick, and that they've held up so well. This reminds me a little of how I still have my Atari Player's Guide that I made in 6th Grade. These look really good. When I first clicked on this and saw the unpainted one I thought it was something modern, a small crate that you could buy at Staples or something and I was about to say "that's a perfect fit Rick, where did you get that!?" but alas you made it yourself. Very cool. Glad these went to good use and held up so well for so long.
  11. ⚠️ When creating a thread, be sure to start a real conversation. Include content and not just links that redirect to your site.

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    2. Justin


      You got it @DegasElite. I want to make sure people understand this is a community, we're all here for the conversation. In the context of starting a thread to promote a Member's YouTube videos or Podcast, we encourage that! We have forums here set up for that very reason, we encourage our Members to create their very own dedicated thread and share their new videos and Podcasts to it in series. If a Member has a website, a new project or game they want to promote, we encourage that too! It needs to be conversational though. Atari I/O is not the place to post a teaser with a link elsewhere, or only show up to promote your own wares. It's got to be conversational.

      Here's an I/O ProTip: Think of the Forums as a holiday party. You've been invited over, there are Snacks and hors d'oeuvres being served, everybody is in the spirit of things and having a great time. You walk up to everyone and say "Here's 10 Reasons Why Atari 5200 Sucked Hard" and give a link to your video. That's clickbait-y and hucksterish. Instead, when creating a new thread, be sure to start a real conversation. It's great to share links to your stuff! We encourage that! We support everybody who helps make sure this hobby continues on. But you have to include substantive content in your new topics, not just clickbait links or sales pitches. 

    3. DegasElite


      I see. Understood. :O)

    4. Justin


      Redirect only stuff should be limited to status updates and the like. To me, this is a bit misleading and only clogs up the forums.

  12. Thanks for sharing some great tips and tricks with everybody here! It's all about friendly competition and having a fun time with friends new and old
  13. @RickR I went with the AV Famicom which is essentially the 1993 "Dogbone" NES with Composite AV Output. The AV Famciom uses the same AV cable as the Super Nintendo, Nintendo 64 and GameCube. It lets me play Famicom games natively without an adapter, and plugs right into the AV ports on my TV so there's no messing around with channel 95 or whatever. Plus it's compatible with the Famicom Disk System. It's a nice little unit. I made a video about it years ago, I should try to get more of this stuff back up on my newer YouTube channel.
  14. Welcome to the forums @ZilchSr! Thank you for the site shoutout. Incredible score
  15. Thanks @RickR!! I think I understand the strategy, but it's tricky to implement!
  16. Great score @Marco1019! In the future you'll want to make sure you're uploading actual photos of your score instead of screenshots 😉
  17. You guys are posting scores that are out of this world! 🚀 I'm trying to up my game and have been reading through all your pro-tips, and gave No Swear Gamer's review another watch to pick up some of his strategy. I'm practicing and putting these tips to good use, but I've only been able to increase my score by a few thousand points. I have a feeling this super basic Atari VCS game could end up giving us our widest spread of high scores at the end of this challenge. I can barely break 25,000 on an average game, some of you are rolling past one million points! What a rush. My High Score: 53,147
  18. Wonderful to see your Odyssey 2 rankings at Atari I/O @nosweargamer! We made a new addition to the Forums recently and created a dedicated subform for Magnavox Odyssey 2 High Scores in the Scoreboard Forum in part due to your activity there. Enjoy!
  19. I have to go with Video Pinball! I've owned it for decades but never grew an appreciation for it until now.
  20. 🌎 We’re all citizens of Atari I/O

    1. DegasElite


      Indeed. Enjoying every minute of it, too. :O)

    2. RickR


      Welcome to the Hotel Atari.io


  21. @RickR @chas10e Do you guys have tips on how to get such high scores?
  22. Man oh man this game is challenging. Even though it doesn't match up to Midnight Magic on the 2600 in terms of graphics, I enjoy it just as much. Here's my first score: My High Score: 51,727
  23. WINNER: @Justin Victory Run TurboGrafx-16 January 2, 2021 ROUND 1: @Justin ROUND 2: @Justin @btbfilms76 and I got to talking about Victory Run and ended up doing a 2-Player Battle over Christmas and New Years. Since the game is so challenging we decided to race for best time on the first lap only. I won best 2 out of 3. The first match I beat him with a lap time of 2° 05' 00" to BTB's time of 2° 37' 52". The second match I beat him with a lap time of 1° 57' 56" to BTB's time of 2° 12' 25". We chose Victory Run to celebrate the 2021 Dakar Rally happening January 3rd - 15th. BTB and I got to talking about how certain video games had impacted and inspired our lifestyles. Victory Run is definitely one of those games. It inspired my interest in the annual Dakar Rally (which in turn inspired our annual Pole Position and F-ZERO rallies in the forums) and we agreed Victory Run is a "Gentleman's game". When I was young and Victory Run was brand new, I saw it in Toys R Us, with the red Ferrari convertible on the cover racing towards the Eiffel Tower, and I thought Victory Run would be like Out Run for the TurboGrafx. To a great degree that's true. But it's tough as nails! Even now, as an adult, the game is incredibly challenging. What I really appreciate about Victory Run is that it stays true to life, especially for an 8-bit or 16-bit game. All of the details are there. You have to shift manually through four gears. Your tires and shocks wear out. Steering is difficult. Speed matters. The sun rises and sets, and if you're late to the finish line you find yourself racing through the pitch black night. Your race car is a pixel-perfect rendition of the winning Porsche 959 that set new Paris-Dakar records back when Victory Run was brand new. And BTB also pointed out that the yellow car you pass so often in the game is a spot-on rendition of Mad Max's yellow Interceptor. The attention to detail is masterful. It's a challenging game, and I would imagine it frustrated a lot of younger players who were expecting Out Run, Rad Racer, Pole Position or Hang-On. However when we picked this game up again a few years ago, it inspired new interests for me. "Where's that red Ferrari convertible from the box art? What's this white Porsche 959? Why does it look like a 4x4 truck? This doesn't make sense?" It makes perfect sense if you read the manual and understand that you're racing the Paris to Dakar Rally. I never knew a sports car could do this! I never knew there were support trucks and crews that had to race to keep up with the cars. This is the coolest thing! Ever since then I've had a few new interests stemming from my love of Victory Run, primarily a fascination with these interesting cars, the fantastic Dakar Rally, and this idea of a multi-day expedition into new lands. If you're new to the Dakar Rally or wondering what I'm talking about, check out this new video that just came out today "The Dakar for Newbies":
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