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  1. Items that I'll be listing on ebay soon. I'll mention them here in case anyone is interested and would like to buy now (and save me the effort and fees of ebay). Pictures available if interested.

    • Atari 1200XL - needs keyboard refurb. About 1/3 of the keys do not work. Another project I'll never have time for. Hoping to get $175 + shipping. Comes with power adapter.
    • Atari 1027 printer - No idea if it works...probably not as the old rubber heads on these disintegrate over time. Free for the cost of shipping.
    • Atari XEGS - works. No keyboard. There is a hole cut in the cover. I don't know what this might be worth. $80? Make an offer.

    I did NOT buy a mini. I just have too many computers and need to downsize.

    1. Justin


      Thanks for sharing here @RickR! If these end up on ebay feel free to share your auctions in our ebay listings forum :nintendo_mario_1up:

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