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    Arenafoot got a reaction from MaximumRD in Pursuit of the Pink Panther (1983) ROM released!!!   
    Yes! The last missing Atari released game has now been dumped and is playable on Stella 6.0.1!! Pursuit of Pink Panther from Probe 2000 (1983) has been released!
    Game instructions can be found here: http://www.atariprotos.com/2600/software/pinkpanther/pinkpanther.htm
    UPDATE: Pink Panther works on:
    Stella 6.0.1 or 6.0.2 (claims Stella 4.0 or higher work)
    Retron 77 console
    does NOT work on:
    Harmony cart
    Harmony Encore cart
    UNO cart
    Atari Flashback Portable

    Pursuit of the Pink Panther.bin
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    Arenafoot reacted to peteym5 in Animal Keeper - Zookeeper like clone for Atari 8-bit   

    I have changed the name of my facebook group to Atari 8-bit Game Programming to open up something where programmers and game players can work together and come up with some interesting ideas.  I received some interesting suggestions in the past few days. I am looking to bring in some experience programmers to help with the novice guys to bring them up to speed. 
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    Arenafoot reacted to Video 61 in Animal Keeper - Zookeeper like clone for Atari 8-bit   
    We are pleased to announce that Animal Keeper for the Atari 5200 and the Atari 8-bit 400/800/XL/XE Computers is now available.
    The price for either version is $39.95. Shipping is free if you live in the U.S.A.
    We have not gotten it listed yet on our web site because we are so busy with even more releases coming, so as of right now we are only taking orders via my personal e-mail, and payment only by PayPal:

    When ordering, please specify your country of origin for shipping information.
    A special thank you to @peteym5 for all of his hard work, he did a phenomenal job programming on this project. Also a special thank you to @kamakazi20012 who did the joysticks and is a very good beta tester.
    Thanks for looking, and thanks for the support!

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    Arenafoot reacted to peteym5 in Animal Keeper - Zookeeper like clone for Atari 8-bit   
    Animal Keeper - Zookeeper like clone for Atari 8-bit computer. Final Video.
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    Arenafoot reacted to Jinroh in Carrot Kingdom® - Work in Progress 32K! - New Demo 10-16-2017   
    Thanks so much! I am working as quickly as I can to get it out to you guys. :3 The list is ever dwindling. :3
    Oh really neat! I would love to see what you could come up with though once you get more time. I know what you mean though. I work full time, go to university full time, and raise my family so I have only a few hours a week to work on the game bleh. At least it is nearing completion. I just have the last few levels and the final boss to complete and it is done!
    Plenty of updates, though yes 2 years since the last demo. I was going to release an intermediary demo, but I am within the finish line of finishing the game so I figured let me just push and try to get it out as soon as I can.
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    Arenafoot reacted to TrekMD in My house is burning down   
    I agree with kamakazi.  You can certainly challenge the insurance company.
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    Arenafoot reacted to kamakazi20012 in My house is burning down   
    Homeowner's insurance is suppose to cover everything, EVERYTHING, in the house at the time of disaster.  That includes your game collection.  I'd fight them for the remaining amount of what your collection is worth based on current values it would take to replace them even if it means taking them to court.  I'd take the time to seriously sit down and read your insurance policy and see what it says is covered.  If they are allowing the replacement of electronic items like TVs and such then video games are included as well because those are electronics.
    Print out your collection at RF Generation then go to Price Charting and get an average value of every single item on your list and write it beside each item on that printed list.  Then I would seek out some kind of legal advice, one that is free or very cheap to make sure you have a case.  You may have to get firm, in a polite way, to get the remaining value of your collection.  Insurance companies always try to get away with as little as possible because they never want to pay any more than they have to.  
    I'm not trying to start a ruff but something just doesn't sound right about your insurance.  I'm glad you got $70k.  That's a plus.  And it really is more important that you and your family are all out alive.    
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    Arenafoot reacted to LeeJ07 in My house is burning down   
    Another update. 
    Insurance got with Dad today. We're getting $70k for everything.
    Well, everything but my collection. Alas, it wasn't factored into the payout, so I'm on my own with rebuilding.
    However, the fine folks over at RFGeneration have announced that they're starting a drive to chip in and help out, and I feel so grateful.
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    Arenafoot reacted to Atari Creep in My house is burning down   
    I am SOOOOOOO sorry it took me this long to get to it but I hope this helps buddy.
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    Arenafoot reacted to LeeJ07 in My house is burning down   
    Like it says. Total destruction. My entire collection is destroyed. Everything my family owned, in fact. We are homeless.

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    Arenafoot reacted to StormSurge in The 2019 Retro Swap Box   
    That Blip football homebrew is awesome looking!! Great job all!
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    Arenafoot reacted to RickR in The 2019 Retro Swap Box   
    Whoops!  Chas10e let me know that the manual for Blip football was hiding in the Skiing box.  He's the master at efficient Tetris packing.

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    Arenafoot reacted to jmjustin6 in No Longer Wanted!: TRS-80 Color Computer (Model 1 or 2.)   
    Ok just hooked it up and It looks like it works! Dang it's hard to take a good pic of a crt tv screen

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    Arenafoot got a reaction from Retro_Club in "Official" Atari handshake....   
    This was printed in a reputable Atari magazine, but it is so funny that I am not sure just how "official" it was.

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    Arenafoot got a reaction from StormSurge in New Coke Is Coming Back!   
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    Arenafoot reacted to StormSurge in New Coke Is Coming Back!   
    Still available!
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    Arenafoot reacted to StormSurge in New Coke Is Coming Back!   
    Taste Test!!
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    Arenafoot reacted to StormSurge in New Coke Is Coming Back!   
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    Arenafoot reacted to StormSurge in New Coke Is Coming Back!   
    Thanks to Stranger Things...
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    Arenafoot reacted to StormSurge in Storm's Stuff Giveaway 2 - Electric Boogaloo   
    I have finally rounded up all the stuff I want need to purge from my collection. I know it will find good homes with Atari.IO members. We'll have some fun with it too!
    I've spoken to Justin about this & he's on board. He can comment here if any of what I'm about to state is not kosher.
    I'd like to limit this to members of this site who are registered as of NOW, Monday, May 6 at 11:20 AM EST. I don't want someone getting wind of this & deciding to sign up just to get some free stuff.
    If you're interested in any of the items I'm about to post photos of, please comment in this topic. I'll leave the registration open for a week. Next Monday, May 13, I'll close the registration and then we can get going.
    How This Will Work
    We're going to do this like a fantasy sports draft. (I MUCH prefer auctions to drafting but since there won't be any money involved, we're going to keep it simple.)
    Once I know who will be participating, I will take all of the names & randomly select a draft order. It will be a snake draft, meaning the order is inverted every other round. (i.e., if you have the first pick in the first round, you pick last in the second, and vice versa)
    Once the draft order is set, we'll allow 24 hours for each member to make their selection. If no selection is made, the person will be skipped.
    We'll keep drafting until everything is gone!
    If anyone has any questions, please chime in here.
    What I'm Asking For
    NO money!
    Here's what I'd like:
    A donation to my Extra Life fundraising this year: Storm's Extra Life Page Promotion for my Extra Life fundraiser. I don't have FB anymore & that's how I raised most of my money the last time I did this. Items from my Wish List: Storm's CIB 2600 Wish List Future considerations. 😀 That's it!
    Now to the goodies...
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    Arenafoot reacted to StormSurge in Storm's Stuff Giveaway 2 - Electric Boogaloo   
    The list is finalized!!!
    I'm really swamped this week with tons of stuff, but I will get the ball rolling.
    Hopefully at some point today, I'll sort the list randomly at random.org (& record it) and I'll reveal the results dramatically on here. Then we can begin!

    Thanks all!!
    nosweargamer RickR Atari Creep kamakazi20012 GRay Defender BlackCatz40 chas10e Willie! fergojisan Mr Toon Control Issues greenween 
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    Arenafoot got a reaction from slobu in Brand New! Head-2-Head Adventure online!   
    So, you ask yourself ......how would a 2 (or 3) player game of Atari Adventure be played??? Well, Ro Anders decided to try and program it and it is now available for us!! Any of the 3 levels can be played with 2 or 3 players competing AT THE SAME TIME! Each player has their own castle and their own key to open it, everything else is still the same. Welcome to Atari Adventure Rebooted (aka Head-2-Head Adventure)!!!!
    Download here: https://sites.google.com/site/h2hadventure/home
    Now you're playing against..... (maybe me) and you get to the black castle and get the chalice from the red dragon and you return it to your castle .....only to find that your castle is locked because someone else locked your castle and took off with the key! LOL!!

    This game is quite addicting! And its an awesome twist on an already awesome game! I've played a couple of games against the creator and other Adventure fans and they agree, this classic is even better!
    A current drawback (but minor) - you have to shut down the program and restart it to begin a new game each time. Ro may fix this in the future if there's enough interest in the game. (and some computers anti-virus programs will flag this game too, but its perfectly fine)
    h2h Adventure already has a magazine review:
    BTW - I did create a private Facebook PM of those of us who downloaded the game, so that we can find a 2nd (or 3rd) player to play against. Let me know if you would like to be added so that more of us can enjoy this new version of a classic!  (contact me either thru Atari.IO PM or here) 
    See you in the game!

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    Arenafoot reacted to Control Issues in Free Play arcade in Richardson TX   
    Took a trip to the big city today and visited an arcade. Lots of classic arcade games set to free play. Pay $10 (plus tax) at the door and play all you want. I went in planning to write down all the games I played, but I quickly lost track. I got the high score on Ms Pac Man, though!  (Okay, they had probably recently reset the scores, so it didn’t take much. But several people played after I did and none of them beat me, so there!  lol)  I realized afterward that I should have taken more pics, but I was having too much fun playing!
    And as an added bonus, we saw a Vista Cruiser station wagon in the parking lot when we were leaving.  Just like the one in That 70s Show!

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    Arenafoot got a reaction from StormSurge in Atari Flashback Blast!   
    I won one of these from AtGames the day after Christmas! 
    I thought the batteries in the handheld would be sufficient enough to power the unit completely. But to plug in the dongle with an AC adapter behind the TV makes it difficult to use on a regular basis. Maybe if they make the dongle rechargeable?? 
    I ended up selecting the Activision Blast unit. I love the rewind feature!
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    Arenafoot got a reaction from StormSurge in Cooter's Place: The Dukes of Hazzard Museum   
    I've been to the original Gatlinburg, TN location before it moved .... and the newer location too (which now has go-karts)!   He's got alot of memorabilia in there!!!

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