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  1. Yes I agree with not risking it now and waiting for it to officially come out. It reached it's mark and then some. Though I will wonder if it will ever be able to be official over any kind of licensing. It even says on the site that they do not guarantee the product like if the company that is producing them could go out of business or whatever so invest at your own risk. I still like the idea of it but of course nothing is as good as the real thing!!
  2. For $59 that would save someone like me time and energy. Something I lack these days. ????
  3. I just came across this on Facebook, what do you think?? I personally think it is pretty cool. You could hang out in any room in your house and take a collection of retro games with or take it to anyone's house. Thoughts? https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/retroengine-sigma-mini-console-media-player-cool#/
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