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  1. Would it be cheating if I said the best 2600 is the 7800? Not sure if it counts or not, but I've been using my flashback portable a lot. I'm thinking about bringing it with me on my trip in a few weeks. But if I had to choose just the original release stuff, it would be any non 2600 Jr, the 6er is the best. Also, does the coco expansion count as well? They really gave Atari a run for the money on that one.

  2. No chicken express here yet. Anyway since we are talking about food places. Steak and shake has good shakes, and chilli in my humble opinion. Brings me to childhood every time I go there. I found some decent places (local chains) here in San Antonio. If you ever get a chance to come here, please check out these guys. They're affordable and for your money, worth it. Yes, there are some really good stuff out there as well, but these are more affordable. Bill Miller's BBQ, a good selection and won't break the bank. There are two Mexican chains that are also good, Las Palapas and Taco Cabana, some very good budget friendly Mexican food. I got some other great restaurants here, but for what you paying, very good stuff.

  3. The only thing closest to what you described that I've seen was at Internet cafes, mostly overseas where I saw them. South Korea, Japan, Indonesia and of all places, United Arab Emerites. Late 90s mostly, but I saw one about 5 years ago in Panama. They also had a giant Dungeons and dragons type game room. They're usually in a mall or western type market place.

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