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What system did you once own and want back the most?


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Another topic on the heels of what systems we've never played, as I think we all regret getting rid of some systems in the past.  Again, especially with Christmas wishing. But remember Christmas wishes don't always come true, but it might be fun to see if anyone got what they listed for Christmas. I think the system I regret getting rid of the most and want back the most is the 7800. I guess if you want to list 2 or 3 that's o.k., but don't go overboard please.

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Jaguar CD -  Had a working one in box around 2000 and sold it with all the rest of my jag stuff. Now the price has gone up pretty high.


I sometimes also miss my odyssey 2, nomad and tg-16.


However, usually selling system made room for others, so I don't really regret getting rid of them.

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The 2600 is the only system I gave away that I want back and thankfully I realized that mistake in the late 90s and picked a couple up on the cheap.

I gave away my PS One & PS2 but I don't miss them in the least. I played plenty of good games on them, just none that I wish I could still play***.


***The major exception is the SOCOM series but what made those great was playing online with friends. Seeing as the servers have long shut down and my friends have all moved on to other systems, that's not happening. Great memories though.

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My original Vectrex was a Christmas gift 1982 and then stolen in 1991. The robbers took the unit with a Cosmic Chasm overlay still on it, but did not take any games, overlays, manuals, or boxes.  I guess they thought it was a mini TV set.

One of my first eBay purchases in 1998 was another Vectrex to replace the stolen one. 

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