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Your Console Restorations and Mods


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I figure I will post here what I already posted else where for "completeness".  I am in the process of restoring this after a complete tear down and heavy cleaning...




It's working very well and I've been playing Dr. Mario since cleaning it.  I haven't turned it off...yet.  I still need to get:


  • Memory Expansion Cover
  • Either a Gray or Atomic Purple Controller
  • Something to remove all the scuffs and scratches if possible

And that little girl that played on my 5200 before the holidays?  Her and her mother, on the day of me posting this, brought over her Wii that would not read discs.  My first Wii tear down was actually a success.  They had a house fire in the past and anything that survived was suppose to have been cleaned professionally.  The Wii, however, since it got mostly smoke damage, never got cleaned.  So...I took it apart and professionally cleaned the lens, made sure it read games both Wii and GameCube, played a game on it, and then put it back together.  Took me about half an hour tops.  My payment?  I got a hug from the little girl and that's payment enough for me.


Forgot to mention:  Some stuff was mentioned to me over in my post on cleaning this that I am considering trying.  As soon as I can get some to try I will post my results here.  If nothing else I may just mod it by spraying it a different color.  And I don't want to use the Grape controller too much because of how high the cost of the colored controller and consoles have become over the past few years.  It's crazy.

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These have been posted elsewhere, but just came off the bench...


Everything washed and polished 
Top left - caps, voltage regulator and replaced female cart connector (too far gone to be reliably repaired). Original symptom was blank screen, issue was RIOT, replaced. After that it didn't like Activision, so cart connector replaced with new OEM connector. Replaced jack.  It's ready for another 30 years now. 
Bottom left - caps, voltage regulator good, replaced left joystick port, reflowed dry IC joints, replaced jack made RF adjustment. This is a version 8 board - my favorite of all the 4 switch units. 
Top right - caps, voltage regulator, TIA showed bad on burn in after 10 minutes (wavy rainbows, then blank) so... I replaced it. Replaced channel switch, reflowed high stress joints and all IC joints. Replaced jack. 
Bottom right - caps, voltage regulator, both joystick ports, reflowed switches and IC joints, replaced jack
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4 switch unit - before and after complete refurb and application of factory modifications - (service bulletin tech tip 4) - yes, that's RF :-) 


First video is after refurb but before adding an 820ohm resistor across TIA pin 6 & 9, second video is after. 






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I've done quite a few mods on various systems. Pretty much all of my classic consoles have been AV modded in some way either with composite or composite and s-video. Rather than list pics of the ones I've done, here is a link to my YT playlist where I've documented a good portion of my mods or repairs.



See what I'm up to over at the Ivory Tower Collections: http://www.youtube.com/ivorytowercollections


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