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The King of Kong: A Fistful of Quarters

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The King of Kong is currently on YouTube. I thought I would share this before it gets taken down, for those of you who haven't seen the movie or feel like watching it again. I don't think we've really discussed King of Kong in depth here in the forums before. 


Don't get chumpatized, guys.  :donkey_kong:




The King of Kong: A Fistful of Quarters (2007)

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I LOVE KING OF KONG! Seeing it for the first time was so much fun! It really reignited my love for Arcade gaming. For a long time until then I had really only been interested in classic consoles, I almost forgotten what keeping Arcade Life alive was all about.


This was a superb movie and I can see this thread sparking many more conversations to come...

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I love this movie so much!

It re-ignited modern-day chats about the arcade days, for sure.


Yeah, on first viewing that Billy Mitchell was quite the antagonist.

Then, on rewatch, it's more obvious Weibe the contender is actually more offensive in the shown* disregard to anyone in his surrounding as he focuses on that score.


(*it's obvious doc edits manipulate actual real-life, but even in the un-snipped bits, Weibe seems more self-centered than Mitchell, by the end of it)


Also, Billy Mitchell shows up in other arcade docs and proves himself a fan and proponent of 80s arcade-life appreciation.


And about the country ban: I'm in Canada here and this message also pops up on my tubes!

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This is a fun watch. Anyone ever try the Billy Mitchell hot sauce? I think it's called Rickey's.

I bought the Rickey's hot sauce and his special labeled 2014 Houston ArcadeExpo hot sauce. Never opened either one. 

Haven't needed to when you have the best in your on backyard........ the little one from Avery Island, LA.  ;)


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Just thought I'd chime in here...King of Kong, as I'm sure everybody realizes, is highly edited and manipulated to the point that it's pretty much fiction. Still makes for a great movie, though. I don't remember if it was Billy Mitchell or Tim McVey who recently at a screening of Man Vs. Snake explained the result of King of Kong thusly: "If you make a movie that just does nothing but tell the truth, you're probably going to end up with a boring movie." I actually did get to meet and talk to Billy Mitchell back in August or September. Seriously, totally different guy from what you see in King of Kong. very friendly guy, very personable, and something I don't think any of the video game movies really show that much: he is absolutely hilarious.

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