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VCS Touch-Up

Atari 5200 Guy

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Hi Guys!


I had a hard time finding paint that even came close to that used on the face plate of the VCS.  So...what I ended up doing was getting two bottles of acrylic paints.  One was called Outrageous Orange and the other was Inca Gold.  I mixed 3 parts orange with 2 parts gold to get the final results I'm showing here.  




I had a hard time painting this.  I can't believe I use to detail dashboards of model cars with toothpicks without issues but I could not keep my hands from being a little shaky while doing this.  


Anyway...what do you guys think?

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Believe it or not my wife and I took that VCS with us to Wal-Mart.  I was very determined to find a match or a color close to it.  At home the original outline looked orange.  In the store it looked more like it does in the picture.  Right now under light from the ceiling fan it looks orange.  The flash from the camera caught the color we seen at the store.


Thank you very much for the compliments.  I can't thank StormSurge enough for the VCS.  It's received a LOT of attention since it's been in my possession.  And it's not going anywhere if I can help it.  It has become my go-to console for when I want a few minutes of game play.  But I usually end up playing more than one game title.   :D So my five minutes turns into 30 minutes or more.  It's quickly become a favorite.

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