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Finally got a TurboGrafx-16


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Yeah it was really clean and bought it from Digital press video games.  It came with a 30 money back guarantee it worked!    As you can see in the video it worked.     I want to get Splatter house for it next but the prices are insane for this system.


I'm shocked how good the RF signal actually is.








I've got one of those on my list, but haven't ever found one for a decent price.  Yours looks really nice.  Enjoy.  :beer:

Extended Play Arcade
https://www.youtube.com/user/extendedplayarcade Sub 4 Sub

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Groovy, man. Fun pickup. It's a system I've been wanting to get into for quite a while, too. I got a PC Engine Duo in a big trade about a year ago, but I've yet to really do anything with it. I have to pull the trigger on the Turbo ED, as others have suggested. The games are mostly too rich for my blood these days. 


Let us know if you stumble upon any cool titles. I know I've been rearing to try out Neutopia since I'm a big old school Zelda fan. 

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