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Here's a legendary eBay FAIL I came across today from @kingmonkey25 on Twitter. I've had almost the exact same thing happen to me at least once a year since the late 1990s:


  • Sends game in padded envelope rather than a box that would've protected it (and costs the same to mail!)
  • Uses the cheapest possible mailing service (probably saving about $2)
  • Customer service skills? About as awful as you'd expect given the above





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This is not related to gaming. I haven't sold much on eBay but I used to occasionally list clothes, and one day years ago someone bought a shirt I had listed. This was a nice shirt that was worn once or twice, accurate in size and priced low (maybe even too low). After the person received the shirt, they sent uncalled for and inaccurate messages. Followed by those was a request for a refund and I was supposed to receive the shirt back as a return. They got their refund but I never got the shirt back. Intentional?? 😒😠 

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I remember one guy I sold an Atari 800 to complained about the packing peanuts I used being "dirty".  Ridiculous.  I asked for a picture and he showed what looked like a tiny bit of grass clippings on a few peanuts.  I was at a loss, and asked how that could possibly impact the 800.  He then proceeded to call me incompetent, blah blah blah.  "If you don't give me a <$XXX> refund, I'll leave a negative feedback". 

I thought about it overnight, and decided to give the guy his partial refund so long as he promised not leave that negative feedback.  After it was done, I blocked him.  He then proceeded to contact me using a different account and this time, he told me "no hard feelings, that 800 is only worth (whatever it was he ended up paying)." 

I blocked that account too. 

This was a long time ago, and I just decided to keep selling and doing my best.  Haven't had many problems since.

Sadly, there are too many human wrecking balls out there that cheat the system to get what they want.  Block them, and move on.  That's what I do.

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I've purchased a lot of things off of Ebay (over 400 items) and only had problems with 2 items. 

The first PARTIAL fail was a Wico Joystick... the guy showed a stock image, what arrived was a joystick with rust on the shaft, no rubber feet and dirty.  He offered a full refund, but since I was able to restore it, I countered with a partial refund and was accepted.

Now my biggest FAIL was a DVD set.  I should have paid attention to the country of origin, anyway after being a month late, showing it was never even sent, I filed a claim and was awarded a full refund.  Then the guy sends it, and asks me to pay, I decided to wait for it to arrive and then pay.  I'm glad I waited, because what arrived were DVD-R's with hand scribbled text of a bootlegged home recorded copy... and even missing one DVD with that should have contained 4 episodes.  I didn't pay him squat!  I figured the delay in shipping was because he had to use a screen grabber to steal all the episodes and that took a long time.

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I've been on eBay since 1998 and I've had a couple of "fails" over the years. Most due to poor packing, one for a bogus description.

The most egregious was a new, sealed copy of Alien Brigade that was pristine in the photos. The seller packed it in a cereal box (Lucky Charms, IIRC), wrapped that with a paper grocery bag and shipped it from Hawaii. It arrived with that new copy of Alien Brigade absolutely crushed. I got a refund with no problems but what a waste! I still don't have a physical copy of that game. 

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I'll add that the biggest fail for me was probably as a seller. When I was 20-21, on my own, and with college debts mounting, I sold off all of my games and consoles, in a lot for about $1400 IIRC. I worked at a small regional chain called Video Game Exchange in high school and had amassed a pretty decent collection of games and consoles. I kept collecting after VGE folded. Picking up a near complete Virtual Boy set for $3 a game, clearance Jaguar titles, the Saturn late releases, Working Designs titles and more.

The full collection is too painful to list but I'll never own some of those games again, that's for sure! Talk about a fail! 😂🤣


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