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Will the new ATARI give any love to Big Sexy?

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I hear about the VCS, I hear about the 7800 and all the recharged PC goodies.  But I have to wonder, will the new Atari ever give any love to us 5200 die hards?  Even if they simply went out and bought the rights to the best of the best hacks from enthusiast programmers and slapped the Atari name and label on a cartridge it would nice.  The last game I purchase for the 5200 was Tempest from AA (now owned by Atari).  Being able to get some NEW & GOOD games for Big Sexy sure would be nice. 

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11 minutes ago, RickR said:

The Atari Gamestation has several 5200 games on it, and more can be added via SD card:


Thanks, I really not looking for yet another game machine.  I'd like to feed my real 5200 some new games or even a new cartridge.  I remember there was a remake of Omega Race for it a few years back, but I cannot remember the name of it. (getting old sucks).

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Unfortunately the 5200 only has a small hardcore fan base plagued with dominating historical issues with the system.  Yes it has awesome games to play that in some ways play better than their A8 cousins but its history about its analog nature has hit it blindsidedly where it really has no glimmer of hope.

Trust me, I still defend my beloved 5200. I never experienced controller issues with the one I had growing up.  I didn’t learn its real history until much later.  I have accepted it now and just try to keep mine going because if all those that had issues simply trashed their system then that tells me what controllers and games I have I better hang on to as there might not be any replacements left.

Although I have to admit having a miniaturized version of the 5200 with modern made controllers would be cool. It would really be cool if Atari would release the 5200 Jr prototype!  That thing is sick looking.

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On 10/27/2023 at 10:52 PM, TrekMD said:

Well, remember the 5200 was only available in the US, so that limits the audience for it.  The sad thing is that its game library is excellent.  Almost every game released for it was good!

The audio for Tempest (Homebrew) and Centipede were from the actual arcade games.  Yep.  Atari ripped the audio code straight from the arcades of those.  The 5200, when done right, can pull off some really cool things...including audio.  The unreleased prototype of Super Pac-Man sounded really good.  Atari should have released that one. But, I agree, the 5200's game library is really impressive.  

On 10/27/2023 at 7:18 PM, - Ω - said:

I think you guy are right, it has a small following compared to other systems, so from a business perspective it hardly seems worth the effort.  

If they can get an analog controller that wants to work right, and keep those games with their original analog characteristics, I think it could be a great deal. Having those analog controls for games like Pac-Man was not really the problem as long as the controllers were in top working condition.  Any drifting or off centered controls could lead to poorly executed game play.  I never had issues playing games like Pac-Man with 5200 analog controllers.  I know they are not perfect by any means but they worked for me.  They had to work and I had to learn them.  It wasn't like I could ask for another Atari console when I was a kid.  I got the 5200 so I had to learn how to use it.  From my perspective I highly believe a better analog controller, built with modern parts, could possibly help prove the 5200 was an awesome console.  I'm not saying it was the best...I'm saying if.  

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8 hours ago, Atari 5200 Guy said:

I think it could be a great deal

I agree.  And 8-bit computer compatibility too as Justin stated.  People may think the target audience isn't large enough, but I don't think that's correct.  If it is done right -- a high quality product that has good working controls, people will flock to it.  Because it would be unique.  Not just another 2600 compilation, of which we've had dozens of products.  If done right, people may finally realize the 5200 was a lot better than it gets credit for. 

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