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Newly designed Jaguar controller coming soon


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Battlesphere with analog anyone? (in the second port of course)

"Slugs, he created slugs?...Is this not the work of a complete incompetent? I would have started with Lasers, 8 o'clock, day one."-Evil (Time Bandits)

"...burn the land and boil the sea, but you can't take the sky from me..."-theme song (Firefly)

"I try to respect him, I really, really do, but he's just such a Smeg-head."-Lister (about Rimmer, Red Dwarf)

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Were they ever produced to begin with?  I'd jump to get one of these.

I don't believe so. The time where "stuff" started happening with 10p6 was about the time I kind of stopped following Atari news for a while so not sure what became of it all. It's too bad, especially where that Dark Knight Games joystick around '98 or so at least made it into limited production.

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