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  1. I find it fascating, the v2 of the SMS because it resembles the unreleased Atari Panther so much and I had only just recently stumbled upon the fact that Sega even made a second version of the SMS and it wasn't until I was in my early 20's that I even knew the SMS existed. Very cool 😃

  2. 2 hours ago, kamakazi20012 said:

    I've been a keyboardist for a couple of decades and have MIDI knowledge for half that.  To get my hands on what you have would be similar to getting my hands on a Yamaha Tyros...its a dream machine.  The STs are still the best MIDI systems on the planet, period.  I've had a Yamaha MIDI recorder combined with two Yamaha PSR keyboards (510 & 530) and always had timing issues.  I've not experienced that with the ST so far.

    Does that Hotz Box have any drum sounds/patterns?

    Wow, the Tyros does look like a really nice toy! =D

    In the case of your experience, you would for sure love this thing and truly appreciate what you can do with it I feel. I haven't been able to set it up with either PC or ST software packages yet (waiting on replacement USB MIDI cable for the PC and new disk drive for ST) so I'm unsure what to expect other than loading it without the Hotz connected and briefly going through the vast amount of options and settings available. Right now I'm just experimenting with it solo as nothing more than a stand alone MIDI controller which is allowing me to play 3 parts simultaneously. Pads on the bottom, Guitar on the top and a nice synth sound in the middle with reverb.

    My next goal is to setup a drum loop trigger on either of the sides and then have an additional pedal selected so I can select dual tone harmonic guitar sounds on the top during a solo-styled playback. This thing has 6 pedal inputs for each of the zones plus 2 others for alternate options, it's incredible. Maybe there's something like this for other devices in the past but out of the 20 some odd years I've been toying around with synths and musical gadgets, I've never seen anything setup like this that would allow you to really do some crazy jam sessions as a single person all on a single device in one round.

    I almost got the Roli Seaboard last year and will probably eventually pick it up (same goes with the Haken Continuum) but even those are still very much a one piece or single part playback, outside of laying sounds of course.


  3. 1 minute ago, kamakazi20012 said:

    Does it have touch response?  That thing is beyond cool!  Its said it can help amateurs sound like a pro and conquers helping musicians play instruments they normally don't use.  Man, you got really lucky.

    Yeah, depending how you press it the tone changes - it's similar to a regular touch responsive keyboard only it feels as though you can control it a lot better on this. It's one of those things that have to be experienced to be understood as describing doesn't really do it justice.

    I'm wanting to do an actual review of this device since I've never seen one done but will wait to get some experience with the included software before doing so. Seems as though only a handful of people have ever used one and even less used in production. From what I could find, only 3 bands in total used it (Fleetwood Mac, Jimmy Hotz himself and an indie-styled Christian rock band called Haven --  if you count movie music for Chronicles of Riddick (though I can't confirm what was created with the Hotz, it's just mentioned being in the studio of the producer working on the soundtrack so may just be a product plug) then that's 4.

    I fear them marketing it as a tool for amateurs or those who don't know how to play music was a huge mistake. Truth is, this should have been very specifically targeted for the pro segment and as a professional midi keyboard for production houses. The software alone is quite complex (not in a bad way but it's very elaborate) and unless someone already knows a bit about setting it up and/or understands the fundamentals of music in general, I don't see how someone who doesn't know how to play music could really rock the world with it out of the box without a ton of help.

    It's definitely one of those things that was far ahead of its time but the price is really what puts it out of reach of so many people. A real shame because it's unreal to play on in the best possible way.

  4. On 12/6/2018 at 5:15 AM, kamakazi20012 said:

    Nope.  But I have heard of them.

    Strange how timing and such works out. A year later and many years of lusting (plus a decade) I finally had a Hotz Box sent out to me the same day you posted this but only just now catching up with everything after the holidays. I was actually in Tennessee when the unit arrived back at home in Indy so the excitement had to be contained until I got back home several days later. 

    Anyways, it's a lot bigger and heavier than I thought it would be and it's definitely far cooler than I could have ever imagined. I'm going to make some proper videos for this since there really isn't much out there aside from the few videos that Jimmy has posted himself. I'm not really sure number count wise to date but the guy who did the music for Riddick said in 2004 that only 25 had been made. Naturally only 2 weeks after I receive the unit, another producer decided to offload a few of the smaller units he has that was custom made for him but I ultimately passed originally to hold out for a larger unit that I've coined The Mothership:


    And a quick test video right after unboxing:


  5. Just a thought, is there a chance that we could figure out a way to have an RB+ tutorial on this forum? I am curious because I wouldn't mind learning how to use the language. I have a copy of Raptor BASIC+ on my PC at home, hence the inquiry. I know that they have tutorials on AtariAge, but I was wondering about here as well. I, myself, have tutorial files for the program. But, what of other potential game programmers that want to make home-brew game of their titles? Also, it may help to get feedback on a site like this as well. Just a suggestion, that's all. Thanks.

    I think it's just best to start a thread, don't see why not, but I'm not seeing the Jaguar forums over here very active at all sadly. Everyone else seems to be in either one of the Facebook groups, AA or just keeps their distance.


    Most of their included demos have a lot of great info and the Rb+ tutorial is included but I feel like that Doger demo may be a little bit much for most and easier or more simple tutorials need to be made that help someone from scratch instead of a ton of graphic objects and lines of code but I think the community is definitely there to help anyone who asks, same goes for here.


    I'm just about 2 years into Rb+ and have finally started making some really good progress especially after many feedback related issues with some minor buggies that would cause a hiccup here or there. For what it is, it's rather amazing. I could have never done what I'm doing otherwise so I'm truly grateful it exists.


    I've got a mini game to release soon and a sort of fun tech demo to show as well that I'm almost done with (hopefully end of weekend if not sooner). With that said I think it would be fun to do some quick 5-minute video tutorials on how to program easy stuff for the Jaguar using Rb+, maybe time will permit such a thing after the holidays. =)

  6. https://www.philscomputerlab.com/dos-benchmark-pack.html


    Although according to this link, the second and last version of that benchmark made only went to 999.99... But I believe that is the one you are talking about.


    As for the 3D bird I remember one made of just dots that was overhead and was kinda like a screensaver of sorts with the occasional tree going by or something?

    Yep, that was it! Virtual Reality playhouse and yep, you're thinking of the exact one I am. Good times.. =)

  7. When I was building, websites didn't exist lol ;-) but this thread fondly made me remember the 3D floating computer program that would calculate how fast your PC was in terms of 3D FPS (before dedicated video cards of that nature really existed) and last time I ran it on a more modern PC sometime early 2000 it was like 1,100 frames a second haha...


    Anyone remember the flying 3D bird overhead that was made up of only pixel pointers? Interesting times and tech and how it all evolves.

  8. Any more word on how this is coming along? Man I can't say that I wouldn't mind getting my hands on one of those system boards.


    Nothing much in the way of progress yet. The first thing needing to be finished is the Pro Controllers, which appears to be closing in within the next 2-3 weeks. The guy that was working on the JagDuo PCB side of things is completely swamped with real life/work and I'm looking for someone on the same caliber of his expertise to handle taking over the that portion of the project. SainT may be interested in doing it at some point but I'm not going to pile this on his already overflowing plate with the JagSD cart he's still ironing out bugs on.


    Time flies but I'm hoping before the end of the year to have a dozen PCBs made. I'll update back here when it happens. If I had a lot of spare money I could probably have this completed by the end of the year but unfortunately I'm not rich or a PCB design genius.

  9. For those who may not have already seen this elsewhere, I received some really nice frosted and clear Lynx stands today and can't express just how nice they are. Especially considering the price for two of them shipped to me was right at $20. Look up RoseColoredGaming if you're interested. 7.99 once you add it to the cart otherwise they're $9.99 normally.








    and by itself:




    Both clear and frosted:



  10. Thanks for the correction, I eventually plan on updating it later this year and will correct it then along with whatever else I change. It has been suggested to make the Jukebox place randomly on-screen as not to create burn-in for those using CRT and I may implement a play all feature and/or randomize song play if I can get the amount of music to about 20 tracks in a 4MB space.

  11. Guess it depends on which one you love and/or play more. I think both are expensive to mod but equally worth it since it breathes new life into the machine entirely. Seeing some pictures online, I can't help but feel the Lynx I has a better LCD screen, though I can't say for sure since I've never owned one personally.

  12. *for some reason my browser doesn't include quoting*


    Beautiful color on that Fender! Always loved red or in particular, metallic crimson red but over the last decade or so, this color specifically always leaves me lusting.


    @Atarileaf - when I was a kid, my cousin would come over could play The Entertainer and the Beverly Hills Cop (Axel F) theme song like it was no big deal. He grew up with a piano in the house from an early age and we had just picked one up from a local Church for my birthday that was shutting down. I could barely play chopsticks.


    Fast forward a few years later and I was fortunate enough to receive an Atari 800 for Christmas which included some music creator program that had a lot of different music files already and when played back, would show the piano on-screen and all the keys depressed when the notes played. Using the 2600 joystick you could speed it up or slow it down and that's how I learned how to play Halloween on the piano and a lot of other songs.


    So just pick up an Atari 800! =)

  13. Thanks for the confirmation Rick.


    I'll add my two cents in regards to Lynx games but feel like Justin@IO hit it on the head with solid ones.


    I will second that Slime World is amazing. I remember being really impressed with it the very first time I played it and it has just left a lifelong lasting positive impression on me.


    Since I didn't see it mentioned, Robo-Squash is really fun. I found myself playing that game more than most Lynx games out of the dozen or so I owned at the time. Kind of bizarre name/box but you should really give it a try and it's affordable enough to do so.

  14. Thanks for the continued episodes, looking forward to seeing more and I hold you and AtariGamer responsible for my revived fascination with the Lynx again and that's a good thing. I've got 21 NIB games on the way, most of which you have covered so far.

  15. Justin,


    Did you also receive your Lynx from Best Electronics? I always remembered the Lynx screen being kind of washed out and faded, which is one of the things I disliked about it, but recently it seems far worse than I remember. Mine looks just like yours with weird lines, I got the recon unit from Best for $99 and it also came with California Games.


    I think the McWill mod is probably the best thing that could ever happen for the Lynx. I think it goes from barely playable to blown away!

  16. Yeah, I was kind of aware that he had some sort of dealings with the watch and was just more curious if they got anywhere with it, since the AtariBox seems dead in the water as well. I did watch one of his super long interviews or whatever it was for about 40 minutes and cringed quite a bit.


    If they have a product at Target then I'm confused at how this can be so problematic and delayed.


    I really wonder what the true underlying backlash is, if it's really the guy himself, the products, the fact of who is running Atari, all of the above or what would make people view it differently. Dedicated teams perhaps with real passion and history for Atari, a CEO that isn't out just to make a quick buck... there are so many things that could be good about the current Atari but it seems like a lot of it easily backfires and for more than just any single reason.


    I guess at what point is it going to be OK for Atari to sell Atari-branded merchandise. After a CEO replacement? or someone like Curt Vendel or a combination of others joining the board and running the company the way it should be ran.

  17. I was curious about this and had kind of forgotten thinking surely it's out by now. Checking their site it looks like they are most likely another 6 months off from production, if it even happens at this point? It doesn't seem very consistent. I didn't back it so I can't read the updates but everyone leaving feedback in the comments section asking for a refund or an update.


    Did anyone here actually back it?

  18. A few weeks ago Glenn was able to confirm that the JagDuo did indeed have a CD sub assembly daughterboard as well, which initially was discouraging because it was already difficult enough to find the PCB files for the JagDuo itself. Thankfully with a scan of the board he provided me, I was able to find them and so now both boards will undergo updates for modernized PCB production - which are still being worked on as time is available.


    The files are interesting because they were completed in early February of 1995, so almost exactly 23 years ago! However, the boards weren't actually made until July of 1995, as noted on the CD board here. Makes sense seeing as how the Jaguar CD wasn't even completely finalized until about that time as well. It's interesting to also note that Atari did not do the design themselves and outsourced the project, which further explains why no one at Atari seems to have ever seen one in person or half of them not even knowing of its existence.


    Remaining piece to the entire puzzle seems to be the BOM or Build of Material list at this point. While it's possible with some super talented and clever people to kind of work around and do it, it would seemingly be very difficult or at least, far easier to do if we had the BOM.


    I've got some more work cut out for me and will spend the next month or so trying to locate these last few pieces in hopes that we can finally assemble one of the coolest puzzles Atari left unfinished. When you place the JagDuo and Sony PlayStation side by side, you can't help realize just how beautiful the console could have been.


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