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Thrift Store Finds


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Todays find are why i go out all the time to look for stuff. I finally found Pitfall 2!!


Plus i stopped by the local comic book store and found these in the 50 cent box (there might have been more atari force comics but they have about 20 boxes of 50 cent comics and it would have taken me all day to look)


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I find that Activision games are some of the toughest games to get going.  But most of them DO get going eventually, so I definitely wouldn't give up hope.  Sometimes I'm able to get Activision carts working by pushing the cartridge in evenly, then just BARELY lifting up the left or the right side.  Not lifting so far that any of the contacts slide all the way out, but just enough so that the PCB is angled slightly differently.

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A nice close up of my newest NES game.


Yes, my collection is now graced by the presence of Fabio himself. He's right here, Ladies!

This series isn't bad.  It's more Mario than a true Wizards&Warriors type game, but still pretty cool.

"For you - Rowsdower from the 70 - have been appointed Omnivisioner of the Game Grid."  ~ Atari Adventure Square

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So i found a guy on facebook selling games. He takes terrible pics. I thought i was getting 2600 games turns out they were commodore 64 games.


Oh well at $15 for them all i feel like im still winning. Given that i dont have a C64 these will be fore trade if anyone is interested

I could use Zaxxon and Congo Bongo for C64.  Any idea what the Parker Brothers one is? 

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