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Thrift Store Finds


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I've got a Super Pong that displays a black screen.  I haven't had time yet to try to fix it. 

there is a channel selector switch inside there as well ... a sqare hole UNDER the battery holder  ... also best on an older TV


the battery holder should be phillips screws while getting all the way inside the console requires a special security bit

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Really like the look of those handhelds.   I guess  I'm not familiar with that brand.

They are an off brand of unknown name.  They don't really have any identifiable brand -- they just say "Made in Hong Kong".  I'll have to ask my brother where we got the football game as kids...but we were pretty poor (not that I knew it at the time), and I'm guessing it was a cheaper alternative to the Mattel football game...probably under $10. 


The Football I bought does not work, but I remember it playing exactly like the Mattel version.  The only difference is that the buttons are placed a little differently.  Knock-off city.


Basketball does work, but it's much different than Mattel basketball.  The play ends if any of the computer players touch you.  And you score anytime you shoot from straight on (horizontal or vertical) to the basket...regardless if there is a defender in the way.  The placement of the shoot button is really bad.  It's not a good game. 


You are right, they both have a cool look. I'm going to keep them both. 

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good to know!  I have a whole box of special bits from Harbor Freight.  I also need to test with a power adapter instead of the D batteries. 

i had to custom make mine ...  click the link ;) up thar



This is the other stuff I got at Goodwill yesterday.


Wii storage tower, Smuggler's Run for the PS2, and an XBox 360 headset.

looks liek you can do dueling banjos on teh Wii :P , can you use that red knumb-chuck as a thumb ? :thumb:


thrifting is just good fun :D

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My trip to the retro store was fruitful today, though my haul was admittedly slim. I have to stick to cheaper prices because of a tight budget, so had to avoid awesome stuff like NES Pinball for $10.


Anywho, Kirby's Pinball Land, Legacy of the Wizard, and Phoenix.


"I'd buy that for a dollar!" -Smash T.V.

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