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Sega Dreamcast 2


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I'll comment on concept of a Dreamcast II later, but whoever wrote that article, clearly did not own many Sega consoles.


Talk of quality control across all it's consoles? woah....


So that'd ignore crap LCD screen on Game Gear and capacitors etc failing, which is why it's so hard to find a good condition one these days.


My Saturn used to reset after extended play, overheating issue i'd guess...


And the very reason i own 2 Dreamcast consoles now and went through numerous ones at the time, was due to the dreaded reset issue!!


Thankfully they were easy enough to open, tweak so contacts made etc, but bloody'ell, Sega's had more than it's fair share of hardware issues over the years :-)


I guess I'm one of few that didn't stumble across hardware issues with the Sega consoles I owned (Master System, Game Gear, Genesis Model 1, Saturn, and Dreamcast).  I had one Dreamcast fail but that was because it was abused/neglected and I picked it up for spare parts anyway because you never know when a system will fail...not just a Sega console.  I put two hours worth of work into a Dreamcast console that played games until the disc drive just couldn't handle it any more.  The only thing that caused it to stop working was the disc spindle motor died from brushes going bad.  The rest of the hardware still worked.  That was back in 2002 - 2003 and I didn't have internet so finding parts meant a call to Sega.  I just never could afford the $65 to replace the disc drive.


If it sounds like I'm defending them then rest assured I am not.  I'm only relating my experiences with Sega's hardware...which has been positive.  I have two Dreamcast units now (one made in Japan and the other made in China) but only because I won those at a ShopGoodwill auctions only minutes apart from each other.  One auction was just the system and two controllers while the other auction had 7 games with it, one controller, three memory cards, and another console.


I still would like to see Sega make one last attempt at a new console...but I don't see it happening no more than I see the Atari we all enjoy so much making a new gaming console.  I'm not saying it can't or won't happen it just doesn't seem like neither company is interested to get back into the console market seriously at the moment. 

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It is nonsense and nothing more. :pile:  "Dreamcast 2" has been rumored to be coming out since it stopped selling at retail lol. Rendered images appear, click bait headlines working up fanboys in a frenzy and there is never, ever any real facts or information, just a lot of vague type rumors. 


I don't know if it is done for attention, click bait or what. I swear these article writers get just the slightest bit of info and they take off with it, really seems to be like any rumor that starts off as one thing and just gains traction and snowballs into more and more nonsense. Everything posted in the original post is all derived from a rendered image, not even a particularly good one which was then added to a "change . org petition", you know those type of online petition anybody can knock off in 5 minutes? OH YES "our goal" is to get blah blah blah signatures, so what? Get 25000 signatures? DOES NOT MATTER IF YOU GET 10 MILLION, companies DO NOT WORK THAT WAY. Sega is NOT going to release a "new" console to support old games for a dead console. As for the proposed "kick starter", deciding you want something and making a kickstarter for it does not mean anything. Unless you are already in negotiations with the company and have a worked out an agreement then all you have done, at the most, is raise money. It would pretty much go like this......Hey SEGA I raised $$$$$$$$$$$$ through kickstarter, I want a Dreamcast 2! Sega responds "Uh, well that is nice however that is not our direction these days.....yeah we pretty much can barely release a decent Sonic title so yeah we are not interested in entering a console market already dominated by SONY / MICROSOFT / NINTENDO. We are pretty good at licensing our name / ip to cheap Atgames handhelds though so there's that...yeah........"


Sorry but it is just getting really annoying seeing this Dreamcast 2 or Sega returning to the console market nonsense over and over and over in Facebook groups, sites, forums. Fanboys getting worked up over the mere mention and buying into it because "It would be cool to have a new Sega console", yes, yes it would be cool, I would be first in line in fact but the reality is it is not happening but don't worry 2 weeks from now, 4 months, 1 year, every year friggin year, there will be more poor renderings, more rumors, more fanboy wishes and caviar dreams lol. Please let's not start such nonsense here, lets have one place where people apply logic and common sense, could we? PLEASE?  :P

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YAY ! A friend showed me this and thank goodness, anytime I see any variation of this particular rumor pop up I will simply link this article in response, wish I had this before my long reply above lol. Some sense in this article everyone should check out HERE:



Opinion: So about Project Dream and their Dreamcast 2 plans – calm down, it’s not official or sane
December 22, 2015 by Barry the Nomad
And just for good measure.....
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Thanks for the links and the sanity check, pretty much what I've been saying to people jumping the gun every time the subject comes up......

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Are these any good. There is one at a local shop and they want $80 and i cant bring myself to buy it with knowing absolutely nothing about it

Don't bother now, they are pretty much gone under. It launched, went for a couple years then they closed up shop. As for the unit, not the most powerful even for an ANDROID BOX, some complained of controller sync issues, mind you some people loved it for basic emulation and some android games but the point is moot since they are now gone. If you are wanting a good android gaming device save up for an Nvidia Sheild or something.

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Waiting for a Streets of Rage like this:

Streets of Rage 5. Open world city. Characters can go as far as they would like. Objectives and rpg like level-up capabilities. No friendly fire. 2-4 player Coop, original clothing for characters
Character list:
Dr. Zan

...just a thought.

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