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The Atari 7800 Game By Game Podcast

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Wow, I didn't know this site existed until I started this project! For those of you who don't know, I run a Youtube show that covers a bunch of retro gaming as The No Swear Gamer. You can find it here:



But I am also working on launching The Atari 7800 Game By Game podcast very soon!


It will be similar to Ferg's show (The Atari 2600 GBGP), but not an exact copy, as there is no way I can top what Ferg is doing! But Ferg is great and has been very encouraging as I start this.



I'm aiming at covering 2 games a week, except for special episodes. For the most part, I will go in part order, sprinkingly in the 3rd party games here and there. I'm also hoping for as many audio and text submissions on the games as possible!



I'm currently working on episode 1. For the first episode, I wanted to focus on the system itself.  I'm also hoping for lots of stories from anyone who ever owned a 7800.  When did you get it, why did you get, what was your first impresssions of it, that sort of thing,  I will take any text or audio submissions you have. Length doesn't matter, but I do ask that you keep it family friendly.



You can send either text or mp3 to: atari7800podcast@aol.com



Thanks guys!!!!


I already put in a small Ep 0 that I hope iTunes publishes soon. (PS I hope you don't mind me cut and pasting some of this. Gottta save the hands after years of the proline controller!!!)

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Thanks guys!

Ep 2 is live on iTunes. You can also find it on Youtube.


Next ep will cover Hat Trick & Winter Games.

Just for fun, on my fb page I am doing a High Score Challenge to see who can get the most goals in a Novice single player game.



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Wow, I forgot to update last time.  Both Episode 4 (Food Fight & Dig Dug) & Episode 5 (Galaga & Joust) are on iTunes.



I also have both on youtube


Next episode will cover Title Match Pro Wrestling and Kung Fu Masters

You can send anyone thought or memories on these or previously covered games to atari7800podcast@aol.com

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Hey, the itunes feed doesn't seem to be updating. 



When I last checked all the episodes are there. If you just recently subscribed, you may have to manually download the old ones, but new ones should update after that. The next one should come out on Monday. Right now I am ever other week.

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Episode 13 – Summer Games & Super Huey UH-IX
is now available on iTunes, Stitcher & YouTube
Special thanks to Christian, Greg, Ferg and Shinto for the audio submissions.


The Next Ep will cover Impossible Mission and Realsports Baseball.

You can send feedback on these games or previously covered games in audio or text form to atari7800podcast@aol.com

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The Atari 7800 Game By Game Podcast: Episode 15 – Crack’ed & Dark Chambers, is now available on iTunes, Stitcher and YouTube 



The Next Episode will cover F-18 Hornet and Pete Rose Baseball

I will also soon be doing a drawing for the Edladdin Seagull 78 adapter (lets you use Genesis controllers on the 7800 for 2 button games) from those who send text or audio submissions to atari7800podcast@aol.com. Submissions can be on the system or the current & previously covered games whether from the past or current say experiences.

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