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Atari I/O Retro Junk Box!


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Alright guys. I'm officially starting the Atari.io Retro Junk Box!

What it is: Someone (me this time) fills a large USPS Priority Mail Flate Rate Box full of retro related items and sends it to another member. They take out what they want, fill it back up and send it to the next person. It keeps going until it returns to the original sender.


History: The first Retro Junk Box started as a collaboration between The Retro League and Cartoon Retrocast podcasts. It has also been done by The Retroist and The Retro Junkies Network.


Who can participate: This is open to members in good standing who have reached Orange Status (or successful traders here) and above, live in the US and have been active in the forums or chats during the last month. (See your avatar to see the fruits you have earned)


What is required: Participants must send the box out within 3 days of getting it, pay for the postage to send it out ($17.90 in store or $15.80 online) and must post a photo or video of what they took out. (leave the rest as a mystery!)


Other Notes: Since it is free to do so with Priority Mail, I would insure the box for $50 to help pay to fill another one in the unlikely event that the USPS ever lost it. Please keep the box mostly (at least 51%) gaming related. Newer items are ok if they are retro related in some way. Please try to be fair in what you replace value wise and please no duplicate games on the same system. Please avoid putting in broken items/games if possible. Feel free to reuse and decorate the box!


If you meet the requirements and agree to the terms, please let me know by responding to the thread along with what state you are located in so I can begin to order the list. DO NOT POST YOUR FULL ADDRESS HERE :)

Also, if you want to be the first to get the box, let me know. Normally hints aren't given, but for the first person the box has been filled and includes some Nintendo stuff, Atari stuff and one nice, larger Sega item.

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If anyone else is hovering around 100 posts, but hasn't gained orange status, keep posting in the forums!!!!

You are very close!


FYI - I weighed the box and it is starting at 8 lbs 11 oz of retro goodness!


If you are interested in what a retro junk box is, you can check out these two videos of the last one I did.

The first video shows what I took out and the second shows you what I put in and what I left behind.

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So it's $17 about to send it out? I might be able to do that... I'll talk to my parents about it. I have some cool retro stuff that I've picked up and have some things that might be interesting.


Any word Leo?


Once I hear from Leo, I think I will start the box moving. And if someone sees the fun and wants to sign up, I can always add them to the list.

So Far I have:


Rows (TX)

Rick (OR)

StormSurge (CT)

Me (FL)


even if we don't get more, it still will be fun and should move fast.

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One more question: What kind of retro games and gaming stuff do you collect ;)


I have the following working systems:

2600 (I could really use some paddles that work though!)






Current systems are 360 & XBO.


And as much as I love having the actual carts, I love the ephemera too. I have a stack of manuals, but could always use more. I have only one boxed 2600 game.  :(

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