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Marvel or DC Comics?


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I grew up more marvel, but because of Batman and the DCU Animated stuff in the 90's and early 2000's, I think I lean DC now.


Yeah good point. I'm trying to understand why X-Men and Fantastic 4 movies are still done at 20th Century Fox instead of Marvel Studios. I guess it's just old contracts.


Yup, and they are trying to hold onto them by keep making movies for those series. I believe they got the rights when Marvel was in financial trouble years ago.

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Was pretty big into it back in the 80-90's. I still have a box somewhere, guess ti will never be as popular as they were back in their heyday. I don't buy anymore but not against the occasional digital download AHEM  ;) . Went through some phases back in the day, X-men, Spiderman, was really into artist like NEAL ADDAMS for DC and John Byrne for Marvel then back to John Byne for his run on Superman Man of Steel. Of course classic Marvel by Kirby , Ditko. Basically loved and hated both Marvel and DC back and forth lol. Still got a box of comics and THAT is something I been considering as a future video topic just troll through them quickly and look at a few if I ever get an urge to make a new video again. 

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DC all the way.  


I grew up on DC comics (some marvel, Im not a purist), Legion of Superheroes was my favorite.


DC has larger than life heroes, while Marvel has more flawed heroes.   Both have merit, I prefer DC.

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Gotta ask the big question: Marvel or DC Comics?


I loved Superman and was always loyal to DC because of their connection to Atari, but the past few years have brought me to Marvel.

neither for me - never got into comic books  :unsure:

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