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  1. ⚠️ When creating a thread, be sure to start a real conversation. Include content and not just links that redirect to your site.

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    2. Justin


      You got it @DegasElite. I want to make sure people understand this is a community, we're all here for the conversation. In the context of starting a thread to promote a Member's YouTube videos or Podcast, we encourage that! We have forums here set up for that very reason, we encourage our Members to create their very own dedicated thread and share their new videos and Podcasts to it in series. If a Member has a website, a new project or game they want to promote, we encourage that too! It needs to be conversational though. Atari I/O is not the place to post a teaser with a link elsewhere, or only show up to promote your own wares. It's got to be conversational.

      Here's an I/O ProTip: Think of the Forums as a holiday party. You've been invited over, there are Snacks and hors d'oeuvres being served, everybody is in the spirit of things and having a great time. You walk up to everyone and say "Here's 10 Reasons Why Atari 5200 Sucked Hard" and give a link to your video. That's clickbait-y and hucksterish. Instead, when creating a new thread, be sure to start a real conversation. It's great to share links to your stuff! We encourage that! We support everybody who helps make sure this hobby continues on. But you have to include substantive content in your new topics, not just clickbait links or sales pitches. 

    3. DegasElite


      I see. Understood. :O)

    4. Justin


      Redirect only stuff should be limited to status updates and the like. To me, this is a bit misleading and only clogs up the forums.

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