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I have never dealt with Best Electronics. I have nothing against them but he does seem to have lots of good quality products and loads of information. I have been dealing with Video 61 when I discovered him in a flyer that came with a used XEGS stuff in 1998. I found them right after my mother passed. Brad does have a few 5200 items I am interested in but only when I can't get them from Lance.

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I only ordered from Best once to get a light gun and 7800 europad, but was overall happy with the experience. I even ended up using the box wrapped in Atari security tape as a backdrop for many of my videos. The website is very outdated in it's setup and can be a chore to navigate, yet there is also a charm to it as it still has a late 90's feel to it. I've also heard of people ordering their catalog just for the fun of flipping through the pages.

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I know they are legit, and I'm not a basher...but the website is inexcusably bad (a little unsightly made me giggle).    I mean, it's one of the worst websites I've EVER seen, much less for a company trying to do e-commerce.

I haven't ordered from them, but if I did it would be via  phone, and I've never heard anyone say they got ripped off by them.

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I've been buying from Brad at Best Electronics for over 25 years. I've never gotten to know Brad personally, and I'm pretty sure he wouldn't know who I am. What knowledge I have of any of the surviving original Atari vendors is that they are all for the most part "a one-man show" with some people or family members helping out from time to time, as needed. I've mainly gone to Best Electronics for parts. Best Electronics have contributed so much to the Atari world through parts availability, and re-engineering new parts like the gold contacts for the Atari 5200 joysticks. From a personal standpoint I've only had good experiences with Best Electronics and would prefer to buy from a reputable Atari dealer or another member in the forums, than from an unknown entity off of eBay etc.

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From what I've been told, Video 61, Best Electronics, and B & C were the three original Atari distributors that bought up most of what Atari had left when it was sold...and all three are still here.  As I have said I never dealt with anyone other than V61.  It doesn't mean that I might not in the future but for now I'm happy with Lance. There are games he don't have that I have thought about going to Collector's Cards and Games but since he moved I've heard nothing but issues with that place.  So I've been worried about dealing with CCG again.



I think it may be a one man show.  Probably a low budget for that web site!

Yep, Video61 is great too!!

And NSG -- I have a similar box that I use to store my Lynx (which I got from Best).  It's too small...but it's too cool to throw out that box. 

I have one of those boxes here, too, that was once a box for Clorox bleach ;)

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