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Atari 2700 found in a thrift store!

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I saw this after the auction closed. I've been in the market for a 2700 for a while. This one didn't have the controllers but still needed a good home  :)

I guess that is where I am coming from, hoping it is in the right hands. Sure it would be AMAZING to have the entire package but I would have been just as happy to have console only!!!! Such an amazing piece of Atari and video game history!!!! 


Oh, and should you EVER acquire one, you better invite me over to check it out!!!! 

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My holy grail system would have to be the Atari System X. Similar to the 2700 only about a dozen were made. Unlike the 2700 the System X did get showed off and went into production as the 5200 we all know, love it or hate it. But the System X was only publicly displayed once originally at an expo showcasing Atari's newest upcoming gaming platform. It was the only day that all of the System X consoles were used publicly and may have been made only for the expo. I am obsessed with the 5200 and my passion for this system knows absolutely no boundaries. To have that System X here in my possession would keep me so happy that I wouldn't want any more consoles. I would do my best to have it cosmetically restored back to a brand new showroom shine and I would use it once in a while. There is no way I would let it sit for very long without playing a game on it. It would be the upfront centerpiece in my game room.

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