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Moved into a new home - Creating my new home arcade


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Every great game room has to start somewhere.











I just moved into a new home with the perfect space for creating my own home arcade. It’s about 2/3 of a single car garage, enough space to have fun and do something creative. It’s only a Lynx in there now, but hopefully soon I’ll be making some big additions when I can track them down  ^_^


The space is bigger than it looks, about 6’ x 20’ with 15 foot ceilings, so there will be lots of room for me to line up a few arcade machines in here and do something really cool above them. I was thinking about adding a projector to project movies and games on the wall above the arcade machines.  I think it would be really cool to see some classic games running on a loop projected onto the wall above. I'll also make room for an arcade-style mini-fridge with the glass door stocked with my favorite drinks. I’d like for it to feel like a real arcade and still be an awesome addition to my home. Ever since I moved far away from my favorite arcades I’ve felt the need to create my own arcade at home just the way I want it. So here we go. 

 awesome justin, don't forget the 32 inch tube t.v. for maximum gaming enjoyment:) one of my trusty tubes is biting the dust, a philco 32 inch tube t.v., with all of the jack panel goodies. i have one more in reserve. we expect pics of a 7800 game running via your sony 32 incher:) in your new gaming room posted soon.




22735 Congo St. NE, Stacy, MN 55079

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Thanks guys!



Looks really nice Justin.  A nice size for an arcade, and nice and clean.  I like those floor tiles. 


Thanks, it's just the right size for what I want to do!



It would be really sweet to mount some speakers up high.  Blast some 80's tunes and get that room shakin'. 


Absolutely am going to do that  ^_^



 awesome justin, don't forget the 32 inch tube t.v. for maximum gaming enjoyment:) 


Thanks Lance, I've got that set up in another room. There's carpet and you can sit on the floor all Saturday playing games. This will just be an arcade room with arcade machines. I need to get them first though! Until then it will just be a lonely Lynx on the floor as a placeholder of what I want to do next.

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