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Happy Asteroid Day!


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I have always loved "Asteroids." I remember playing the game as a kid in the 1980s. Sometimes, I would get over 35,000 points. Maybe over 70,000 points, if I am not mistaken. Great game. Certainly a classic, but it is great nonetheless. :)

NOTE: By the way, I am the kind of person that loves getting a high score in a classic game over unlocking great achievements in a modern game with DLC. It just makes for great goal setting that way. The modern games, although still good, kind of take that away from the goal. Some do not even have a score anymore. I can understand that with JRPGs, but it can  be less fun sometimes to me anyway. When I was a kid, high scores were the thing. Same with a lot of you guys, I am sure. I loved those days. ^_^

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The 2600's Asteroids came to my area long before the arcade game did.  After the "Atari Craze" took off my area got an arcade called King Koin.  Nope...that's not a misspelling.  The 2600 version was my number 2 favorite and remains a favorite to this day.  It's a shame the 5200 never got it even when it was present in the 5200 catalog and later removed.  2600 Asteroids is one of those games just like Space Invaders...once you start playing it's hard to put the controller down.

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