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Favorite Nintendo DS or 3DS games?


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For DS, I highly recommend:

  • The "Professor Layton" series - they are brain puzzles set inside a story.  Warning:  Some of the puzzles are really hard.  Use a walk-through if you get stuck.
  • The "Phoenix Wright" series - it's very Japanese "solve the crime" type of game.  Very funny and not too difficult. 

When I'm in Reno this weekend, I have a goal of finishing up the second Phoenix Wright game while relaxing.




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I got rid of my DS long ago but I absolutely loved the Etrian Odyssey series. They are fantastic dungeon crawlers from Atlus. 

Castlevania had some great entries as well:  Dawn of Sorrow, Portrait of Ruin and Order of Ecclesia. Some of the best entries in the franchise IMHO. 

Lastly, the Final Fantasy III and IV remakes on DS were sublime. 

Just realizing typing this that I still had time to play RPGs at one point. 😂🤣

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On 10/22/2021 at 9:39 AM, Gianna said:

Thanks for the suggestions so far ☺️ I will check them all out! Currently I have been playing Tomodachi Life. It’s sort of a quirky game that involves Mii characters.

@Gianna This is probably more retro than you're going for, and of course I enjoyed the original on Atari 7800, but I had Impossible Mission on Nintendo DS about 10 years ago and remember it being loads of fun. I would play it at night in my hotel room when I was traveling. Interesting puzzle platformer that stays pretty true to the original.



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Oh, man. The DS and 3DS were my JAM back in the day! I’ve got a lot of good recommendations for both, but I’ll narrow it down a bit for you:

For the DS, I highly recommend Mario Kart DS. It’s still (in my opinion) the best Mario Kart game. Once you get good at snaking and what have you, it becomes incredibly satisfying and your racing looks wicked cool. Another game that I’ve put more than enough time into is Animal Crossing: Wild World. I picked it up again a few days ago and I’m having a blast with it all over. It’s worth playing over the newer games because the NPCs have less of a filter and they do things like roast you and the other villagers. My favorite DS game, though, is Super Mario 64 DS. In fact, it’s my favorite Mario game ever made.

On the 3DS, you can’t go wrong with Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon. It’s really fun and I played it a TON as a kid. Another good game is Metroid: Samus Returns, though with Dread out the controls feel kind of stiff now. And of course, Animal Crossing: New Leaf is quite possibly the best game on the system. I played the $#!+ out of it and it’s super nostalgic. For years I didn’t have a copy because I lost it in Chicago, but in 2019 I got myself another copy and the nostalgia hit me like a TRUCK. It’s so good.

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@HDN I love New Leaf! I have played it so much though, I’ve been taking a long break. The music is so relaxing and nostalgic now for me. I haven’t played Wild World yet, but that’s definitely on my list to play.

I have been playing New Horizons when I have time on my switch, but I played that SO much I’m also kind of taking a break

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