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A view of the RickR sanctum

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A day in the life of RickR:

I spent some time today during the Super Bowl on a little project in my garage.  I decided to mount my garage TV on a wall mount so I could reclaim the workbench space.  Indeed, it seems to have returned 20% of the bench top.  I think it turned out really nice.  The mount came from Harbor Freight, and was only $10!  I had to rearrange the stuff on the wall a bit, but that's just part of the fun. 

I use this TV to watch over-the-air channels while exercising, football on weekends, and a lot of times for gaming (either repairing or testing consoles, or playing systems I've pulled out of the attic). 

workbench 001.JPG

workbench 002.JPG

workbench 003.JPG

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