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1 hour ago, AtariSphinx said:

Nice!  How are these games compared to some of the good/great 2600 games?

Here's my opinion on these three:

  • London Blitz is a first person maze game with bombs you have to diffuse.  It's most similar to "Tunnel Runner", but not quite as fun.  It also has a second "bomb diffuse" screen, so it's a little more complex than Tunnel Runner.  The graphics are good, and I like the game. 
  • Shuttle Orbiter is very much like Activision Space Shuttle.  I have no idea how to really play and I have no desire to spend time on the steep learning curve. 
  • Wall Ball is the newest one for me.  So far, it's fun.  I thought it may be another terrible game like Apollo "Racquetball", but this one actually has decent controls.  It's hard though. 
30 minutes ago, Justin said:

I'm sure I've mentioned this before @RickR but I've always liked your organization and how you store all of your games.

Thank you!  I enjoy the organizing.  I really do.  These games have MEANING to me.  That makes it fun. 

I've been spending time getting rid of systems and stuff that I don't like or use. That's been going ok, and I've gotten rid of many things.  But I also have the complication of my children.  They have old systems that I've stored for them.  I feel like the caretaker for them.  Indeed, I've been amazed to see them getting some of the old systems out to play during the COVID pandemic.  It's a nice feeling.  I guess I get stuck sometimes between my stuff and their stuff and keeping track of both.  But I hope that once they get settled in their lives, I can hand all "their" stuff to them.  Kind of like how most of my Atari stuff languished in my parents garage for 20 years after I grew up and moved away.  I'm so glad they kept it all!  Once abandoned, it ended up being pure treasure after the passage of time. 





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Here are some of the unique items I found while digging in the attic.  First of all is the "high score" board my brother and I made for VCS games.  We did it in pencil so we could erase and overwrite new high scores.  And a pic of the SuperCharger and Atari 8-bit tapes I came across.  I still have the manuals for those SC games. 


atari books and stuff 005.JPG

atari books and stuff 006.JPG

atari books and stuff 010.JPG

atari books and stuff 011.JPG

atari books and stuff 012.JPG

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Plans have been afoot.  Plans to reclaim our bonus room as my retro gaming place.  Well, it's been slowly coming together.  We still have one kid at home (working from home too), but I suspect at some time very soon, this room will be mine again.  In the meantime, we've been moving furniture around, and here is a really nice desk I just put in.  I got it used, cleaned it up a bit, and it's going to work perfectly.


bonus room desk 001.JPG

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