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Anyone grow up with those all in one stereo cabinets?


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Was not sure how to describe it in title but see the image:


As a little kid, we had something very similar living in Toronto Ontario Canada on Booth Ave, minus the reel-to-reel. 😎😝Of course even as a little kid eventually I turned it over only to see all the tech slotted in with the components and wires hanging about exposed, a mostly hollow cabinet of particle board covered in faux woodgrain. Still very nostalgic. 

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YES!  We had one in my family too.  Ours was a Zenith, and it had a turntable and AM/FM radio only.  Also a built in bin to hold records.  The speakers had little shutter doors that I remember playing with a lot as kid.  I'll try to find a picture of it later.

When I had to sell off my parents' estate, I thought very long and hard about keeping that unit.  Maybe taking the old broken guts out and putting in a modern bluetooth setup.  But in the end, I decided no.  We just don't have room for something like that. 


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Oh!  Sorry for all the separate replies, but I also have this picture of the identical unit that I found on Facebook marketplace a few years ago.  I wasn't looking to buy or anything, but it came up in my feed and I immediately knew it was the identical unit.  I wondered if they had bought it at our estate sale, so I contacted the seller, but they didn't.  Identical! 



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