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  1. Retron 3 is pretty dang sweet when you have a bunch of games to play for different systems. 


    D'OH!  I finally found a game that doesn't work on the retron:  Jammit says "For NTSC Sega Consoles Only". 

    I wonder if it would work on the Retro trio. 


    Glad you're digging your end of the trade!  I'm like a kid at Christmas waiting on my packages from you and NSG!

  2. Not familiar with the book, to be honest.  

    Having said that, the trailer looked interesting but VERY busy.  I'm not sure what was going on, but it looked pretty.   Spielberg doesn't generally do bad stuff though, so I'm sure I'll eventually watch this even if its a Netflix viewing.

    There was a TON of trailers this weekend.   Some were great, and some looked silly.   (I'm looking at you, Thor.)

  3. I've been playing around with my own (free) streaming channel.   The quality isn't great, but the content is good! :)

    Today I'm streaming the series finale of Automan, then moving on to Tron Uprising.

    It will be live mostly during the day from 8-4 CST, so I know most of you will be busy...but you are all welcome!


    The link is above, and it takes a while to load so please be patient.

    There is a chat, so say hello.

    Also, feel free to request anything you want to see below and I'll see what I can do.

  4. My laptop works great, but it has a strange issue with pressure being applied anywhere on the frame of the laptop, so I have to be careful when typing about resting my hands.   It will basically act like I clicked the mouse, which will then make whatever text I'm typing to start appearing in random places.  (wherever the cursor happens to be)

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