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Squad Challenge - Kaboom! (Atari 2600)

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Just curious why some of these are crossed out?


Those are high scores that were beat.  For example:  me.  i beat my high score, so he crossed out my original. 

Exactly what Rick said....these gamers beat their own score to move up (or at least try to) in the rankings. I try to post updates periodically and its a good way for the fellow gamers to see their progress.  

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I wish I could say this was after just a few attempts. I won't disclose how many attempts this took but I will say that it took all I had not to throw my paddles across the room.




(And notice what happens to my screen. I'm still having that issue.)




There's no way I'll be able to fix that on my own.  :(

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This is a totally different game with the A difficulty on, it's amazing. But this is the way I'm going to play this from now on, I think it's good practice. I can't believe I just squeaked by, but there's still a few hours to go.  Good luck everyone! :)


Way to represent team "Game by Game", Ferg!  ;)

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:pole_position_blimp_big:  Congratulations fergojisan!



GREAT SHOWING, ALL OF YOU! Kaboom turned out to be really challenging! Congratulations on your win fergojisan! If you'd like to, you are more than welcome to post your winning score to the Scoreboard. You and VGC both had very impressive scores on Kaboom!, and if someone comes along in six months with a higher score it would be cool to see this continue.


I would invite all future Squad Challenge winners to post to the Scoreboard if they wish as well.    :atari_2600_joystick: 







Our next Squad Challenge is up! http://forums.atari.io/index.php/topic/1483-squad-challenge-pinball-nes/

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