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Where I Moved To


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I'll turn this into an epic thread! (Hopefully)


So, some back story on the whole "life-long dream" thing.


My father grew up on Fishers. He was one of seven children. He lived here from 1944 until he joined the Navy in '62 of '63. (Interesting aside, his aircraft carrier picked up two Project Mercury astronauts after splashdown.)


One of his brothers has never left the island. He's still here today. Another brother & two sisters had summer homes here. One sister married a wonderful man who is the reason I'm here now, but that's a longer story for another day.


Some of my earliest memories all involve visiting Fishers Island. I spent many summer weekends & weeks here from the time I was an infant until I graduated high school. One of my best Thanksgivings was spent here.


As I grew older, it was more difficult to spend time here. My cousins were grown up too & had their own families. I hate inviting myself places and so my visits were infrequent, but still magical.


In future post, I'll get into a lot of the experiences I had as a child that made me fall in love with the place, as well as how I ended up finding a job & a home here, and what my current days are like. Hopefully it won't be too boring.


One other thing I've always dreamt of doing was joining the fire department here. (volunteer) I had uncles that were members and spent time at different functions that took place at the fire house growing up. You need to be a year-round resident to join, so obviously I never thought it would happen. Well, I'm a resident now.  :)



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I can't wait to hear about it.   Take lots of pics, that place looks like something out of a movie :)


The World According to Garp was filmed here. :)


Here's a pretty cool drone video I just found:

(Camp Wooten must be the nickname the author's gave to their house. There's no such place.)



There are a few vids on Youtube, but they don't really capture the place that well. I'll try to do that for you all.


What makes this place unique is how much effort has gone in to making it a secluded place. There's nothing here on purpose, to keep tourists away.


The eastern half of the island is private. You need to purchase a sticker for your car to drive past the gate house (a summer job I had in '96 & '97).  $250 per car (only $40 for year-rounders!!) and it's a bit of a hike if you wanted to walk from the ferry. And if you wanted to bring a bike? No charge for a bike sticker, but the ferry charges $55 (!!!!!) to bring a bike over! The fee for a car is $56 in the summer & $40 the rest of the year and that doesn't include the passenger fare. (Again, year-round residents get a significant break on that.)


There's literally a grocery store (open year-round, but funky hours, especially in the winter & very expensive), a cafe that's open from June through August, the bar (which now serves pizza!) open from June until about the week after Labor Day, an ice cream store (June - Sept.) & a liquor store (year-round of course). That's it. There's two private clubs with tennis & golf (one course is ranked #11 in Golf Digest's Top US Courses this year) but you & I aren't getting in there without knowing someone.


That's my long way of trying to say there's drips & draps of articles & videos showing this place, but they don't show much & a lot of what's shared is inaccurate. I'll give you all the straight dope on why I think it's so great. 

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Nice place! It kinda reminds me of the small town from Jaws, except even more private than that. Sounds like a great place to enjoy the summer at.


Just curious, but is your internet choices limited there?

My in-laws also live in a secluded area and for awhile, their only option was satellite internet.

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Great question!

We have internet through the FI Utility Company. It was recently upgraded last year but it's still not great. And it's expensive.


Here's the breakdown:


Download/Upload & Cost

2 MBPS/1 MBPS: $90 per month

5 MBPS/5 MBPS: $122

25 MBPS/25 MBPS: $160 


I have the $122 per month plan in my office. I haven't signed up for my own plan yet. I did buy a wireless extender last week to get the signal over to our home bette (my office is attached to our house) & that made a difference.


It hasn't really been tested yet with my playing on the XB1 & Mrs. Storm streaming a show/movie. So far, so good.


And yes, this is similar to Martha's Vineyard in terms of beauty, but without all the people. In fact, our first real vacation was to MV as we couldn't find a place to rent here & we fell in love with MV. We went in October, so the crowds were gone. But yes, it is very similar on a much smaller scale.


As great as the summers are (gorgeous beaches with handfuls of people on them), I REALLY can't wait for the fall & winter.  :)

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Still here!

Sorry for the lack of posts/updates, etc.

Still working & much busier. The island is still quiet and peaceful.

The internet still works great, I'm a member of the volunteer fire department (FF1, Treasurer & Lieutenant, not sure how I got that last responsibility, since I still haven't seen a real fire yet), assistant coach for the boys basketball team & just enjoying the solitude. Oh & we had a tornado last October. 😀 🌪️

I'll do better at sharing more pics/videos if you're interested.

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7 hours ago, StormSurge said:

I'll do better at sharing more pics/videos if you're interested.


5 hours ago, RickR said:

YES we are interested.  Post at will. 

ABSOLUTELY!! Yes @StormSurge keep the posts coming! We've missed you in the forums and are happy to see you! The photos you post of the Island on Instagram are beautiful and always an interesting read to see what you have going on there. Glad to see all is well!

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Every Sunday morning, we take all the trucks out to road test them, check the air packs, generators & all kinds of other stuff. Every other Sunday, we empty the tanks & refill them to keep the water fresh & make sure the pumps are working. 

This morning was VERY cold (it was snowing when we headed out) & I didn’t put any of my gear on. I’m just starting to regain the feeling in my fingers.  😀

Just thought I’d share this with you guys. Maybe I’ll do a more detailed post about this process someday. (I was filling in for someone today, I only have to do this when my shift is active, which is six weeks in between my two weeks.)


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