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Atari loot box at Target

Kid A

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I've seen some nice Atari things at Target recently. Especially their vintage tees. They had an entire rack of different Atari-themed tees, they weren't all one design and the quality had surpassed the "Atari Entertainment Technologies" one that's been around for a while. There was a Centipede one, a Missile Command one, Asteroids, a few others I believe, and some general "Atari" shirts that all looked like they were from 1981. One of them had different game patches on the tee that were absolutely inspired by some of the originals. I took pictures on my phone but I can't find them at the moment, I'll have to look again later.


Point being I'm grateful for what we get and I try to enjoy the good times, it still amazes me that there's any mass market for anything Atari out there, I spent so many years thinking I was the only one left on earth who even remembered what Atari was. I've dated girls before who thought Atari was a clothing brand. And while I appreciate someone somewhere out there placing a bit of thought into an Atari loot box, there's not much in there and it's too expensive for what you get. Believe me, I've put thought into doing an "Atari loot box" for us and what gifts it would include. I wouldn't have wanted to send something out to you guys that was as anemic as what they appear to be selling.

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