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Storm's Giveaway - DRAFT RESULTS


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I will trickle the draft order out, starting with the LAST pick in the first round and working down towards the first pick. Once all the picks are revealed, I'll post the video for transparency's sake and then we can start picking.

Coming in at pick number 12....


Running list...

12. BlackCatz40

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1 hour ago, kamakazi20012 said:

Sweet!  I love how you did that.

Me too! Super creative and cool! I hope I'm not cramping your style @StormSurge but we may have to use this fantasy draft method from time to time with some of the contests and giveaways we have coming up. Really really neat idea. :Nolan_Bushnell:

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9 hours ago, StormSurge said:



Running list...

12. BlackCatz40
11. Willie!
10. greenween
9. Control Issues
8. GRay Defender
7. Mr Toon
6. Atari Creep
5. nosweargamer
4. chas10e
3. RickR
2. kamakazi20012
1. fergojisan

why am I not surprised :)  Even the randomizer loves him...well we all do actually :)  

My Youtube Channel Arcade USA! - https://www.youtube.com/user/SVT512

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