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FS: Unofficial/repro Activision patches


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If you're interested in getting patches for Activision games that did not have patches, there are two people selling them. Links are below. I've ordered most of the patches offered in the second link. The Bridge patch was posted today, and I ordered it as well.

Bridge patch - https://atariage.com/forums/topic/313221-fs-new-activision-bridge-embroidered-patch/

Multiple patches - https://atariage.com/forums/topic/308314-new-activision-patches-jaguar-imagic-lynx-14-patches-total/

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I just got another batch of new patches from Machine on AtariAge and ordered some more as new patches became available yesterday. If you're interested or want to see what's all available, see the links in my first post above.

I especially love the Adventure patch -- very nicely embroidered. I got three so I can offer one or two for future trade or giveaway or junk box.

The Venetian Blind patch came out a bit muted.


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I have two of these so far (Freeway, Pitfall), and they are really well done.  I want to get more, but I'd like to find a nice way to display them first.  I'm thinking about a nice frame, but with some kind of gaming/electronic related frame/border.  Maybe an 8 * 10 frame to house several of them?

@socrates63 (or anyone else), how are you planning to display these? 

I also have a bunch of automobile related patches that I'd like to do the same for. 



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5 hours ago, peteym5 said:

It is great that someone is doing this. I found many of the comments on these patches amusing. Perhaps we should consider something for our games. 

Yes! Patches can definitely enhance the physical presentation of a game. What I like about these patches is that they're not reproductions of the actual Activision patches. They pay homage to the official patches while infusing some humor and are made for games that did not receive official patches.

@RickR I actually haven't thought about how to display the patches, and it sounds like maybe a trip to Michael's or some other craft store is in order -- maybe Pinterest for some ideas 🙂 For now, they are sitting in the envelopes that they were sent in.

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On 4/15/2021 at 8:27 PM, iPlayedAtariToday said:

Is anyone selling a repro Starmaster patch? I don’t need to buy someone’s childhood memory on eBay, but I would like to get one that looks like the original. 


Very late to the party. I designed a Starmaster patch based on how it was supposed to look. A few real ones existed. I have repos, 5" and a smaller 3.5".    They are on ebay or just hit me up on AtariAge! Cheers folks and thank you for supporting these. It was fun to complete the missing patches!!!

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