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Squad Challenge - 2020 F-ZERO Christmas Challenge (Super Nintendo)


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3 minutes ago, socrates63 said:

I was regressing hard yesterday night, but finally saw an improvement today. Woohoo! 

Observation from another "trying to improve" player.  Your lap times look good, but you'll notice that your lap 1 time is slower than Justin/Harry.  I was having trouble on lap 1 too, but then I realized you can time your gas pedal at the start, and it cuts at least a second off.  Do it like this 3...2...1...(and stomp on the gas about half-way between 1 and the start).  If you do it right, you'll immediately be in second place with only yellow in front of you.

Hopefully Justin and/or Harry will refine what I typed, as I'm not 100% sure that's the best advice. 

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1 hour ago, HDN said:

Stay tuned for Harry’s caffeine-fueled F-ZERO extravaganza, where I hope to reclaim my spot on the F-ZERO throne, once and for all. Will I persevere and beat my arch-nemeses @Justin, @nosweargamer, and @RadioPoultry? Probably not, but damned if I don’t try.

Am I streaming this? No.

Hey wise guy, I'm in front of you too. 



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